Monday, January 30, 2012

A Surprising Five-Point-Three

Run: 5.3 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk West End + 16th Street
Time: 8:45 am
Temperature: 42 degrees
Weather: Cloudy and Mild, but then the sun came out!


Today was the best run in a while. I am finally not super sore from last week's "bootcamp of cross-training" that I put myself through. What can I say that was different about this run(and made it so spectacular)? Well the weather was much better this morning. No wind, no ice, just mild temps. And on my way back the sun came out...oh how I miss the sun when it is cloudy for days on end!

I reorganized my playlist so I have some calmer, yet inspirational music to warm-up to then right as it is time to get started, my pump-it-up music starts. Then as I hit the tail-end of my workout I have some great push-through-it music that really kept me going today. Definitely makes a difference. I used to scroll through my music searching for the right song mid-run. that doesn't really work with an iPhone way up on my upper arm.

I attacked 16th street hill pretty well which really tested my lung capacity. I felt borderline asthmatic at the very top, but just for a few seconds. Swimming helps with this by the way, maybe I can work it in every now and then?

Last-but certainly not least- I ran my longest run so far today! It was another silly mistake on my part, underestimating the mileage again. Instead of 4.5 and change, my run was 5.3 miles! Woop!!

And a quick's time for new running shoes. I don't know how old mine are or how much mileage they have taken but I can tell that I have worn down the inner soles and I have noticed that the mesh upper flexes way too much like it's stretched out. Time for new shoes!

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