Friday, July 31, 2015

New Longboard!

My husband is the best...he bought a new longboard for me off a friend of his at work! I saw it in the Swimmer shop and commented how it looked perfect for me (which it is) and the guys there had said the guy who owned it hadn't used it in at least a year. Then I jokingly hinted to the hubby that maybe he could see if the guy would sell it to us...well isn't he the sweetest? He did it!

Oregon friends who met me at Cardiff that day.

It's a wide deck...would actually make a good smaller paddle board as well as surfboard I think.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Don't Wanna Work, I just Wanna...

Do anything else!

Since it has been a while since I have posted and trying to catch up would be a huge chore, I'm just going to do a quickie to get up to speed:

I'm a surfer chick. I have been surfing pretty regularly these days and really have a hang of the longboard. I have a short board also that I bought at a garage sale but it is built for speed and not stability so I have not been very good at it yet. I also have not been SUPing very much. I can't help it... the waves beckon me! Summer in San Diego rocks for surfing, and the water has been warmer lately. On average I am lucky enough to find myself out in the waves once a week.
Cardiff Reef

San Elijo

New 6-footer I can't ride yet

Surfing the Silver Strand over 4th of July

The America's Finest City Half Marathon is in just a couple of short weeks and man my training is going awesome! Ha! Not so much. I am just to where I have been running a handful of 3-4 milers these days. It's not that I hate running, it's just that I have been working SO MUCH...way more than I honestly want to. I am so exhausted after work. Some days I can get up the nerve and psych myself up but most days I'm just trashed. Hopefully in a couple of months I can scale back work a bit and get more fitness in. I did run 2 4-milers on our recent trip to Oregon, and remember why I ran so much there. The modest temps, clean air, and beautiful scenery are perfect!

And I miss my regular yoga, or rather my mind/body/soul misses it. This whole working mom thing sucks the big one. Time to make room on my calendar!