Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Wet Walk

Today I got out and went for a nice powerwalk. I realized it has been 5 WEEKS since I last really worked out! It's amazing how nursing school and juggling a family has utterly consumed my whole life. Before you know it, weeks have gone by and things you did on a daily basis have completely fallen by the wayside. It's worth it, but it's shocking at the same time!

I realize I have probably lost readers' interest because I'm so inconsistent these days. But hey, that's life. I have goals, but running just can't be in my top 3 priorities. It is not realistic at all! Even with a treadmill, my hours are crazy (I am NOT getting up at 3am to run, no thanks!) my workload is insane and I barely have time to spend with my precious family. So...I don't get to be a gung-ho runner right now :( I miss that so much I will tell ya!

So here is my realistic goal: Look for times that I have even 30 minutes to carve out a little exercise time and just get going. If I can't be all-out running, oh well. The key is to get out, get the body moving, and get some fresh air if possible. It's more for stress-relief at this point than anything else!