Monday, December 31, 2012

New Goals...2013 here we come~

So...I did not meet my 2012 goal to run 1,000 miles...not by a long shot! In fact, the only goal I reached was the no injuries one...and that is debatable...I would say I did ok dodging overtraining-related injuries. So...

This year is a new one. I decided I don't like resolutions. It seems like you need to have a goal breakdown, and each month should have it's own mini-goal to make it effective. So this year I just have one goal...I will run my first marathon. I am already registered for the Eugene Marathon, April 28th so there is no turning back now! It is somewhere in the middle of spring term, so I'm just going to have to make room for training.

Training...another great subject. I have found that if I am not working toward something, I fall off the wagon quickly! This time around, I downloaded the Personal Running Trainer App, which so far I like. There is a virtual trainer in your head explaining your workout, and prompting you when it is time to warm-up, run, cool-down, etc. along with tips like stretching, etc. All very good reminders.

The marathon training plan is 16 weeks, but I started yesterday so as to have a few days' wiggle room for days I happen to miss training for whatever reason. I will admit the training sessions are intimidating. They are meant for someone already running 6 miles...and I am not yet. I just don't have time to work up to that slowly then start the marathon plan. So instead, I am going to take the training runs at my own pace and do what is comfortable. The training sessions are based on length of time and good quality workouts, which I can take at my own ability. I am in sufficient shape, so I will catch up quickly. What I love most is that 3 years ago, when I trained for my first half marathon, my training sessions were also based on time, so this is kind of a throwback to what I did then, which was a special time.

I'm not entirely sure how I will be tracking my mileage, that might be tricky. I will probably have to use when I can. Again, this thing can't get overly time consuming or it won't work. Nursing school requires an insane amount of time so... the treadmill calculates and there are routes I just know the mileage of...I will have to stick with those as much as possible for ease of calculation

Today is meant to be a rest day, so my goal is to clean out the garage so I can made a comfortable space for the treadmill. I really wish I could put the treadmill in the main part of the house because the garage is so dreary. But I can't stand having anything extra upstairs, it gets cluttered very quickly!

Playing Catch Up and Facing the Music

So, while I would love to try to pretend this blog doesn't exist and that my life just doesn't facilitate keeping a running track of my runs (that was fun though), I am not that type of person. Last year I made a resolution, and I put a lot of effort into tracking my mileage over the year. I don't think I made 1,000 miles by a long shot, but I would still like to know how I did.

So here is my mileage (or my best basic idea of it):

January: 56.8
February: 61.39
March: 52.49
April: 53.5
May: 65.43
June: 26.2
July: 18.72
August:  16.92
September: 38.2
October: 0
November: 0
December: 14.28

2012 Year Totals: 403.93

So I only missed my goal by about 600 miles :(  Wow that is lame!!

Oh well I did ok this year, considering all of the life changes I have had. I am not giving up by any means! I originally had thought I would keep running and track my mileage up until 1,000 but I really don't think it would mean much once I got there.

New goals coming up! I'm not going to let last year discourage me!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Vacation Runs!

December 5th: 3.13
December 6th: 2.96
December 11: 3.19
December 15th: 2
December 30: 3

And that's it, folks!