Monday, December 31, 2012

Playing Catch Up and Facing the Music

So, while I would love to try to pretend this blog doesn't exist and that my life just doesn't facilitate keeping a running track of my runs (that was fun though), I am not that type of person. Last year I made a resolution, and I put a lot of effort into tracking my mileage over the year. I don't think I made 1,000 miles by a long shot, but I would still like to know how I did.

So here is my mileage (or my best basic idea of it):

January: 56.8
February: 61.39
March: 52.49
April: 53.5
May: 65.43
June: 26.2
July: 18.72
August:  16.92
September: 38.2
October: 0
November: 0
December: 14.28

2012 Year Totals: 403.93

So I only missed my goal by about 600 miles :(  Wow that is lame!!

Oh well I did ok this year, considering all of the life changes I have had. I am not giving up by any means! I originally had thought I would keep running and track my mileage up until 1,000 but I really don't think it would mean much once I got there.

New goals coming up! I'm not going to let last year discourage me!

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