Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Weekend Runner

Ugh! It's been Monday since my last run! I hate my schedule! I miss running every other day so much :( I have been crazy busy every single day this week, recovery Tuesday, then up at 4:30am Wed and Thurs. I tried to squeeze in an evening run on Wed then on Thurs but band concerts and appointments got in the way. *sigh* Such is life of a busy mother runner. So tomorrow I get to make my own schedule. I have lots to do for sure, but the first thing I will be doing is getting out and going for a run! I really don't want to get into a routine where all I am doing is long runs, but it looks like tomorrow is my best day to do one. Then Sunday and Monday I can get shorter runs in. I hope this works!

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Own Personal Half Marathon!

This last week I swapped some workouts in order to better fit my schedule. I did my tempo run on Saturday and decided Monday would be a better fit for my long run. My training schedule is seriously ending up stretched out as I get a little further behind each week it seems. Today I am finishing training week 7. But I am making progress and I am always trying to fit workouts in as time permits. I reviewed my app to see what workouts I would be scheduled to do the days/weeks prior to marathon race day and all still looks really good. My longest run (200 minutes !) looks to be a few weeks out from the marathon still so that's good.

So my #1 goal today was to avoid a run like last week so last night I had a proper dinner to carb load, and hydrated all weekend pretty much. I laid out my clothes the night before with plans to get up at 6:30am so my kids could catch their 7:15 bus. My older son walked to school and I started my run right after the kids got on the bus...that way I would still have plenty of day left to recover and work on important tasks for school. My plan went off without a hitch-for once! By the time I hit mile 1, my run reminder ("Run-You Are A Badass!!") went off. That was an awesome feeling. I don't get to feel really "on it" very often in my life ;)

Style/Workout: Long Run
Setting/Route: All Over Seaside
Mileage: 13.1 miles-A HALF MARATHON!!
Progress: (running mileage): 13.1 today/66.99 this month/ 129.92 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

*SWEET! I met my month's goal of 65 miles! And I still have 3 days left to squeeze in a few more miles!

I pretty much covered all over town! My last mile and a half was basically winding up and down streets by my house so I wouldn't short-change myself, but so I wouldn't get too far from my end point. 

OK, I will be honest, I had a goal for today. I knew it was a 2-hour run today and when I think 2-hours, I think Half Marathon...could I do it? Could I run a half marathon in 2 hours or less? Well I came really close, I mean painfully close! But it was all good in the end and I'm pleased! 2:01: 29 for a training run is not bad. I really hope to reach a half marathon PR sometime this year. Last year's bonk at the Portland Rock n Roll Half Marathon sucked! I redeemed myself today!

Here are my paces each mile:

Once again, I went out too fast on the first mile and had positive splits until mile 5 :( I hate that I do that, but in the end it turns out ok I guess. I always try really hard to run slower on the first mile and always run faster than I want to. Just gotta keep trying!

So a few notes about this run. Miles 1 and 2 were tough because the wind was whipping off of the ocean today! At one point I had hail hitting me sideways! I literally started laughing so hard because it was so ridiculous! It was only for about 5 minutes or so, so I am glad I didn't quit!

I added a bit of road early on, during miles 3-4 so from then on, I would reach little checkpoints with just a bit more mileage under my belt. I know it is purely psychological, but that felt good!

I felt pretty good all run until about mile 9. I started feeling it around mile 9. My ankles and knees were taking turns feeling sore, and it took a lot of brain power to keep going. There is something wonderful about that 8-mile point. For some reason my brain reprograms into believing I don't have much left and the weight really lifts.

The last 5K I ran as hard as I could. I knew my time goal was going to be close and I didn't have anything to lose so I just ran it as hard as I could tolerate. At the end, I literally stopped, hands on knees, and almost keeled over. But it felt good even though it had been really hard. I made myself refill my water bottle and walk for a while to try to work the lactic acid out of my legs.

When I finished, Paula Radcliffe congratulated me for my longest run so far and my personal best for half marathon (using the Nike +). 

I went for the ice bath again, only today I took a running friend's advice and bundled up really good on my top half. I had a winter beanie on plus a fleece jacket plus I had wrapped a thick towel around my shoulders as well. I tolerated it much better and actually experienced the relief everyone talks about. Don't get me wrong, the initial immersion is BRU-TAL, but once you get used to it, you can sit there for a while. And I think I managed about 10 minutes before I needed to get on with things.

I didn't get nauseous today. I went really slow with food. I started with a handful of almonds and had grabbed some carrots. I also made myself a chocolate protein shake. Between small bites and sips of those plus water, I did ok. By lunchtime I was ready to have a real meal.

I've just been taking it easy today. I have tons of homework so I have found it to be perfectly comfortable to lay in bed with my laptop and my books scattered all over the bed working. I am taking a quick break to take the kids to the park now though. The sun finally came out so we're bundling up to get some fun and exercise!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just a little note about the rest...

So I've posted a lot about my runs, how is everything else health-wise going? Well my diet is pretty good...I would say between 1-10, 1 being Big Macs every day and 10 being perfect food pyramid each day I am probably about a 7. For the most part we only buy healthy foods so if those are your only choices then there ya go! My sweet hubby tried to do something charming and brought home like 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies last week! For Heaven's Sake! I will fully admit to hiding the Thin Mints under my bed and chowing down when I was stressed and studying. But the Samoas I only like a little so that is not so hard. My favorite foods to grab these days are Greek yogurt, Clementines, unsalted almonds, celery and baby carrots and apples. I will be so glad when berries are in season again! I have been slowly working through my supply of frozen blackberries, but it's not the same as the fresh ones.

Other health BP, Pulse, and Lipids are looking good and from my last check up my thyroid and calcium are good too. I think I gained back 2 pounds since my last report of weight loss. that is entirely possible because while I eat mostly healthy, marathon training does make you hungry all of the time!

This year I am aware that I get Raynauds Syndrome in my fingers when it is cold. It makes me nervous. I will bring it up to my Dr at my next appt but from my own research, they don't know much about it except it is some kind of circulatory phenomenon. I'm sure it's not a very big deal.

Lastly, and the high point of my husband peaked at me getting out of the shower and commented on how I'm "really looking good these days", which translates to looking toner lately which really makes me feel great!


Today was long run day...but due to my crazy week and how exhausted I was when I woke up this morning, I went for my 60 minute tempo run instead. About half way through I bonked, it was weird. I just didn't have it in me. I guess it happens. I have had a crazy stressful week at school and I am kind of disappointed in myself that I haven't run more. Of course last term I was saying how disappointed I was that I wasn't running at all! So maybe I am doing ok...

Style/Workout: Tempo Run
Setting/Route: Treadmill, my super duper garage-yay!
Mileage: 3.33 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 3.33 today/53.89 this month/ 116.82 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

I have been missing my runs throughout the week though! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ready, Set, Accelerate!

It's that time again...interval time!

Here is my analogy for the day...

Long runs are like a drippy slowly but surely expel energy bits at a time until you are eventually emptied out...

Drip, drip, drip...mile after mile
But intervals (Yasso's) are like the Gatorade expel a serious amount of energy very quickly, and before you know it, you've given all you've got!

Little reference to Chip Kelly...I'm sad he's leaving!
Both workouts are legit...both are challenging, just in very different ways :)

Style/Workout: Acceleration Intervals x7
Setting/Route: Treadmill, my super duper garage-yay!
Mileage: 7.16 miles!
Progress: (running mileage): 7.16 today/50.56 this month/ 113.49 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

Today's workout was what I've coined "Acceleration Intervals". I run the interval workout only each segment that includes a 3 minute faster portion, I increase the speed on the treadmill. It is a great challenge and definitely a good workout! By the end I could have literally rung out my sweat towel!


Grand Total:...7.16 miles today! Sheesh! It's funny because with the intervals constantly keeping you busy, it's easy not to think about how long/far you are running. I can't believe it worked out to over 7 miles!

Also, the intervals toward the end were challenging but they didn't feel awful by any means which is great because it means I am making progress! I felt kind of guilty because I didn't run between Saturday and today (Wednesday) but honestly I think the extra day off made a difference. My legs felt fresh and great!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Body is So Weird...New Aches and Pains

Today is the aftermath of yesterday's rough long run. And man am I feeling it! It's funny though, my body never manifests soreness the same way twice it seems. I don't have a "hot spot" that always seems to be sore, always seems to give me trouble. I'd say my first years running I always had trouble with my shins, then later on as I started to run longer my left ankle would bug me. Then there was the R IT Band...and this time my knees really surprised me. I didn't notice particular stress or soreness in them yesterday but by last night, even with ibuprofen and ice bath my knees were stiff and sore. It's like the swelling happened behind the knee cap. It's subtle but noticeable! Today I took some more ibuprofen and I'm doing better. I don't see this as an injury, just typical day-after soreness/reaction to stress. It's just the weirdest thing...I never know where my body will feel it the most!!

* Monday I felt great! It was a relief because I was nervous about the knee pain, but it completely went away :) It is just a reminder that after my next long run I will probably want to have ice ready for my knees to keep them from swelling. Or...I will want to take a better, more effective ice bath. Brrrrrrr!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looooongest run ever!

And that is "longest ever" due to it feeling like the longest ever, not because it was literally my longest ever ;)

I am laying in bed recovering from today's long run. I am literally nauseous and miserable. Not the best feeling! What went wrong? Well I broke a cardinal rule regarding long runs. You are not supposed to run the day before or the day after. Yesterday I ran 6 miles *facesmack* I could tell too. My legs were heavy and my glycogen stores were low...It was very hard work today!

Style/Workout: Long Run (1:50:00)
Setting/Route: All over Seaside
Mileage: 12 miles (1:55:21, 9:37 pace)
Progress: (running mileage): 12 today/43.4 this month/ 106.33 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

So today's run was not my best. But I added mileage, and I added onto my long run so that is good. It was just weird. My first 2 miles were ok, then miles 3-4 my left inner ankle and right IT band were twinging. I worked it out and kept going. I just felt sluggish and tired. It seemed harder than usual. It rained and rained.

There were some smaller hills around miles 5-6 and those felt tough too, but I pushed through. At least I didn't have the urge to use the bathroom. That is a plus! The rain stopped here which was nice.

Around Mile 7 I almost threw in the towel for real. I started thinking I wasn't sure I would be able to finish. Then around mile 8 I realized I only had 4 miles left and it didn't seem too much longer. 

But then around Mile 9 I just started to feel miserable. My legs didn't want to go any further, my body was so beyond tired. But I kept on working. I thought, even if I went slow, it would help me get stronger.

After mile 10, I knew I was very close. I did a few laps on the high school track along my route to add some distance. Then I chose to stay straight instead of turning down 12th toward my house just to make sure I had enough road left so as not to short-change myself. Well I had more road than I needed, but I met my goal of 12 miles so that was good.  I didn't have to run that far or long. I only had to run 1:50, but I ran for 1:55. Basically I kept running because I really wanted to get home. I was exhausted, in discomfort, starving, etc. I had brought my water and sport beans, but they could not undo my mistake of running the day before.

When I got home, I tried an ice-cold bath (running tights and all) which helped some, but I learned that I can't get my feet in the water or it hurts! I am wearing my compression socks now too. Lots of rolling muscles and stretching, and re-hydrating to do!

Well for now, I get tomorrow off then I'll do something on Monday if I'm feeling up to it!

The positive for the day is that I did conquer the run (no matter what state I was in at the end) and I broke 100 miles for the year's progress!

I have been thinking about these long runs though...I can't take a whole Saturday off of studying and if I'm going to be absolutely wrecked after a long run, I'm not sure what I will do. Hopefully my body will learn how to adjust better because I can't lay in bed all day after long runs as if I were ill.

Update: 12:45, feeling much better! I think I ate too much granola when I got home and it gave me the nausea. After some rest, it subsided. And I'm overall feeling a bit better now too. Sometimes it takes a while for your hydration to kick in to make the symptoms of dehydration subside and I think that was a lot of what I was dealing with. I learned my lesson!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sun + Beach + Run = Awesomesauce

Finally! A sunshiney day on the coast
The weather has been downright nasty lately! It has been a while since we have seen the sun. So this morning was so refreshing! I couldn't wait to get out and run. So after sending the kids off to school and cleaning up the kitchen a bit, I headed out. Today I got to wear a new Nike sports bra and Oregon Ducks pair of running shorts I snagged at the Nike Outlet here in Seaside. The bra is fine (I'm not picky because I'm flat as a board) and the shorts rode up. Oh well! I layered them over some tight capris so I didn't really notice the riding up.
New Shorts! What is funny is that I pinned these on Pinterest months ago. It was cool to find them...and on clearance!

Sunshine. Sunshine is awesome. I have never heard someone say, "Man, it's so sunny, I hate it!" You especially will never hear me say those words. I am a huge product of the weather and when it is sunny it puts a little spring in my step. There were countless status updates on Facebook this morning about how everybody's itching for spring. I am too, but I have super low expectations regarding spring around here. It won't be warm for a few months still and I highly doubt this sort of sunshine will be a regular occurrence. So I will simply enjoy it while it lasts and be thankful.

One thing I smiled about today was a familiar smell I ran across. I wore my Nike running hat had an slathered on sunscreen before going out. Immediately I was whisked back to Mobile, AL when I first started my love affair with running. Every day was sunny and hot so I wore my hat and sunscreen every day. I would sweat my pants off, come home and rehydrate, put my babies down for their morning naps then change into a bikini, spray on some sunscreen and lay out in the backyard with a magazine soaking up the sunshine for an hour or so. No, it's not good for you, but yes, it feels so great!! All in all, I have some fond, relaxing memories of doing that while my babies were little.

But back to present-day...:

Style/Workout: Sunshiney Six-Miler
Setting/Route: Prom and Beach
Mileage: 6.05 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 6.05 today/31.4 this month/ 94.33 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

Today's run was great!! Like I said I wore capris with shorts on top, a t-shirt and ballcap and my older shoes(because I knew I would be running on the beach some). My first mile felt effortless and while I was telling myself to take it easy, I stayed steady and the refreshing thing was that I stayed mostly steady for the entire run! This run was supposed to be a tempo run, but I didn't want it to be fussy, I just wanted to enjoy it. It has a big hill so that counts for a little extra, right? Speaking of said hill, I kept my pace up all the way to the top of the hill and it felt great. Today I didn't take a break at the top either, I just did a large U-turn and then kept jogging. If you do this it helps to work the lactic acid out of your muscles faster. Sure, it's tough and you have to really make yourself do it, but I noticed that my recovery was a lot quicker.

I spent the last 3 miles on the beach in the sunshine. It felt great. The sand is nice and packed by the shore so it wasn't a big deal until the very end where I had to trudge through the thicker, uneven surface to get back to the Prom. I was happy with my time: 6 miles in 55 minutes, average of 9:10 per mile. I think back to when I first started running this particular route and I was excited when I could make it in 1 hour. It's cool to see this progress over the years.

Once I got home, I grabbed a jacket and my husband and I went on a 2-mile walk and grabbed lunch before heading back. I have massive amounts of schoolwork and studying to do so that is all that I have been doing since!

* another "my-app-sucks" moment...I realized that this app resets it's timing every time you complete-or don't complete- a workout...something that was not in the app profile instructions. So while I was thinking how impressed I was with myself that I was sticking to the schedule with little effort, I am actually behind and the dumb thing just keeps telling me I am on schedule. So now I am kind of chasing my tail to work in an extra workout here and there to catch up so I can properly taper at the end. I'm not using this app next time. For now I am going to continue on since it is all mapped out. But I will be rating it in iTunes with low scores!

*Note...I have added push-ups, ab-work and a few other strength training moves to my routine. A weird thing happened when I lost that weight so quickly...I noticed my abs were looking kind of flabby (like post-pregnancy skin flab). It is kind of subtle, but I noticed for sure. So if I don't want that "extra-skin" look on my middle, I'm going to have to purposely rebuild some of my abs that I have lost in the last 6 months. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Sleepy Run

This morning I drug myself out of bed at 5:30 so I could get a run in before class. My days have been LONG and I was feeling it! I nibbled on some peanut butter and toast and some pear and drank about a half a cup of coffee. That kind of helped. I figured once I got my body moving that would really wake me up.

About 20 minutes into my workout I was finally feeling awake! But somewhere right at the 30 minute mark I tapped my iPhone screen and it fast-forwarded my app workout. Then to rewind, it took me back a segment. I didn't feel like dealing with it. I knew I'd ran for about 30 minutes, I knew what pace, I was done. I didn't feel like fussing with it, plus it just wasn't happening. Oh well, I still got a good 30 minute run in. That's better than nothing! It is funny how 30 minutes feels so short to me these days.

Style/Workout: 30 intervals
Setting/Route: Treadmill
Mileage: 2.6 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 2.6 today/25.35 this month/ 88.28 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month

6:00, 10:00....0.6
3:00, 7:30......0.4
6:00, 10:00....0.6
3:00, 7:30......0.4
6:00, 10:00....0.6

Grand Total:...2.6 miles

I can't complain! I really need to roll my muscles out though. There is nothing worse than sitting in a classroom all. day. long. Hello stiffness!

I have a few days where I get to run a bit later this week. I can't tell you how much I look forward to them!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Six Miles of Greatness

I love blogging...but alas I have nursing homework to do so this will be short and sweet! 

Style/Workout: 6 mile tempo run
Setting/Route: The Prom, and up Sunset Cove hill and back
Mileage: 6 miles (average of about 9 minute miles)
Progress: (running mileage): 6 today/22.75 this month/ 85.68 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

Today's run was great! I thought I was due for a long run but my schedule had my tempo today. It has been a weird week. I had an extra off day or two, not by choice but because my school schedule has been absolutely crazy and stressful.

But that's what I love about running. Even when I have had a terrible week, it makes me feel on top of the world. When I'm not conquering other feats in life, every run gives me the opportunity to conquer a goal.

Today's goal was a 6-miler, and I decided today was the day-the day to conquer the big hill! I am familiar with this hill as I have run it many times. But when you are out of shape it totally sucks, so I gave myself a few weeks before I attempted it. It was awesome! I kept a 9:25 pace going up nice and steady. I focused on my breathing a ton, and managed to not puke at the top. I have found that in tough parts of a run, focusing on breathing helps so much. It is both mental and physiological. I am exhaling lots of CO2 which helps offset the lactic acid I am accumulating. At the same time I am visualizing what is happening and imagining everything A-ok in my body. Weird maybe but it works for me :)

My first mile I got a sideache. Really? On mile 1? Yes. I hate side aches, but I seem to be plagued with them. I have gotten really good at avoiding them, and I use breathing to manage them when I do get them. Breathing again-yay! Just goes to show how important it is to learn to train your breaths. Yoga has really helped me with that.

And last little note...I learned my lesson about running with a ponytail in misty weather (or humid weather for that matter). By the time I got done, I had this HUGE rats nest in my ponytail! It was not fun to try to wash/condition/comb out! So when it doesn't appear to be a perfectly dry day, I will go with braids all the way!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February is National Heart Health Month!

We're studying hypertension and the like in nursing school and it has been eye-opening! It just so happens to be during the National Heart Health Month too which ties in nicely. It has me thinking...I do a lot to keep my heart healthy, but I'm sure I could be doing more. And it also reminds me to be encouraging others to take healthy steps toward their heart health too. Here is a great link for easy tips for heart health, which comes straight from the CDC based on evidence-based research:

28 Days to a Healthier Heart

In addition, and more personally, I'm getting really excited for The Eugene Marathon! See what I read about it lately on Oregon Live: I am so excited to be a part of this awesome event!

And on the subject of health promotion, I am signing my whole family up for various oldest son (13 years) will run the 5K, and our younger two (9 and 7-years, respectively) will run the Duck Dash! They will get t-shirts and everything and I know they will be excited. I haven't gotten the ok from my dearest husband on whether or not he will run the 5K. He hates running...but if he doesn't he'll be left out! ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Amping up Accelerated Intervals

I really don't have creative titles, but that says it all! Today's workout was intervals, which had an additional session added to them. And along with it, I run them as an acceleration, with each "fast chunk" getting progressively faster until the end. It went well! I almost talked myself out of running because I was still sore from my long run Saturday! But I just did it. I wanted the mileage! With my schedule this week, I have the opportunity to really rev up my mileage, and I want to take advantage!

Style/Workout: 51 minute interval run
Setting/Route: My treadmill
Mileage: 5.45 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 5.45 today/16.75 this month/ 79.68 year-to-date (I'm aiming for 65 miles this month!)


3:00/7:42.......0.39 <-------That one was really tough!

Grand Total:...5.45 miles today! :)

*Side note: Booked our RV park for the Eugene Marathon. That's right, we're travel trailer people, we like RV parks :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Add it to My Top 5 Best Ever!!

February is starting out awesome! 
Such a great sandwich, I had to Instagram it!
Yesterday was a good day. I got a lot of studying in, had a GREAT lunch ^^^ and then later had AWESOME sushi with the hubby for date night. We had gone over to Cannon Beach, just one of my favorite special places. I really need to go there more often. The atmosphere alone makes it a very special place. February was starting out great!

Last night I went back and forth about what my workout would be today. I am pretty much on track, just one day behind the app schedule, which is ok because I started it a handful of days early so I would have some wiggle room. As for my own workout schedule, I've missed a workout or maybe two when I was super busy but for the most part, training is moving forward! So at some point I stopped contemplating and just decided to take advantage of it being Saturday by getting up early and going for a great long run. I did a good job of hydrating last night. 

I'm really documenting the details surrounding this run because it went awesome! I would like to duplicate it more often ;)

Style/Workout: 1:40:00 minute long run
Setting/Route: All over Seaside!
Mileage: 11.3 miles!
Progress: (running mileage): 11.3 today/11.3 this month/ 74.23 year-to-date (February Goal: 65 miles)

I got up early like I had planned, but I wasn't excited about it. My husband had to go to a conference in Portland this morning and he is not a quiet early-waker. He turns lights on, leaves the bathroom door open as he showers...ugh he is so loud. But...I have to thank him because it kind of forced me up around 6:45 on a Saturday and I headed down for coffee and some whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana.

By 7:30 I was out and ready for my run. Today I wore a tech shirt and my running tights, little black gloves and a running ball cap in preparation for the sun that was rising! I probably should have worn a long-sleeved tech shirt, but I can't stand not being able to thread my headphones under my shirt! One of these days I will pony up and buy a long-sleeve that has the little hole meant for that. I also brought my Amphipod for hydration and a SunRipe Squiggles fruit twist (stole it from my kids' lunch stash!). I slathered some sunscreen on my face, started my app and I was off! 

Mile 1: I just eased into it...Necanicum-12th St-Prom (Turnaround). I felt really great, so I had to mentally slow myself down so I would not wear myself out!
Mile 2: Finished up the Prom, headed to The Cove, which was gorgeous this morning!! Lots of surfers out and why the heck not?

Miles 3 & 4: The Cove neighborhoods to the Golf Course
Mile 5: E on Ave U to Hwy 101, N on Hwy 101 to Avenue S

Mile 6: I took this Dead End Extension of Wahana just to add road and here I started to have the urge to use the restroom! I think I may start carrying some biodegradable wipes because I am not above ducking into the woods when there is no other option! It was a bummer because the whole rest of my body was feeling great!! It is tough to run when you feel like you are going to poop yourself. Sorry, just being real!  I hit Mile 6 right as I turned to head to Providence Hospital. I paused my workout as I entered through the Emergency entrance to use the restroom. It was kind of ironic because I was kind of having an emergency...a bathroom emergency! 
Miles 7 & 8: Back on the road, feeling good again. I did a "back woods" loop here that I enjoy to add road. Here I ate half of a Squiggles fruit twist. I had been sipping water every mile or so with my Amphipod. I thought it might be annoying to carry, but after the first .5 mile I didn't even notice it anymore thanks to the ergonomic shape. It was actually quite comforting to know I had water with me. I was surprised to be feeling so great! My form was good, I had not had trouble with side-aches (something I feel plagued with), and my legs felt strong still. I smiled a lot this run.
Mile 9: I continued N on Wahana, passing my friend Megan's house and my church. Then I turned S on Hwy 101 and ran along until it was safe to cross onto 24th Ave and head toward Holladay. As I passed the high school, and the neat little estuary view point, I was surprised to still be feeling so great! I ate the rest of the fruit twist here and started to pump up my pace for a strong finish.
Mile 10: Wow! Mile 10? I was still feeling strong. Just as I hit 1st and Holladay, Sonja Richards Ross told me I was almost to my goal! So it was time to head toward my house and keep up the pace!
Mile 11: Right around mile 11, I finished my 1:40:00, but instead of stop, I just kept running until I got the .3 rest of the way to my house. Every little bit helps, right?

My "finish line" view by my house
It is such a satisfying feeling to have had a great run! My last one was tough, and I think it boils down to two important things: fuel and hydration. I know where the water fountains are around town, the bathrooms too. But anything longer than 6 miles, I really need to be bringing water and fuel along with me. Just the small fruit twist I brought and the 8 oz of water made a HUGE difference! I think the fact that I can take small sips all the way is a big help.

Pretty good splits! I averaged about 9:05 per mile. Booya! It feels great to be running a faster pace and feeling good!
When I got home, I was tiiiiired. But I showered, rolled out my muscles (yowzers!) and ate a bowl of cereal. The tightness is really setting in at this point (noon). I am going to be cursing my stairs all day, I just know it... But it was well worth it!