Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February is National Heart Health Month!

We're studying hypertension and the like in nursing school and it has been eye-opening! It just so happens to be during the National Heart Health Month too which ties in nicely. It has me thinking...I do a lot to keep my heart healthy, but I'm sure I could be doing more. And it also reminds me to be encouraging others to take healthy steps toward their heart health too. Here is a great link for easy tips for heart health, which comes straight from the CDC based on evidence-based research:

28 Days to a Healthier Heart

In addition, and more personally, I'm getting really excited for The Eugene Marathon! See what I read about it lately on Oregon Live: I am so excited to be a part of this awesome event!

And on the subject of health promotion, I am signing my whole family up for various oldest son (13 years) will run the 5K, and our younger two (9 and 7-years, respectively) will run the Duck Dash! They will get t-shirts and everything and I know they will be excited. I haven't gotten the ok from my dearest husband on whether or not he will run the 5K. He hates running...but if he doesn't he'll be left out! ;)

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