Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looooongest run ever!

And that is "longest ever" due to it feeling like the longest ever, not because it was literally my longest ever ;)

I am laying in bed recovering from today's long run. I am literally nauseous and miserable. Not the best feeling! What went wrong? Well I broke a cardinal rule regarding long runs. You are not supposed to run the day before or the day after. Yesterday I ran 6 miles *facesmack* I could tell too. My legs were heavy and my glycogen stores were low...It was very hard work today!

Style/Workout: Long Run (1:50:00)
Setting/Route: All over Seaside
Mileage: 12 miles (1:55:21, 9:37 pace)
Progress: (running mileage): 12 today/43.4 this month/ 106.33 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

So today's run was not my best. But I added mileage, and I added onto my long run so that is good. It was just weird. My first 2 miles were ok, then miles 3-4 my left inner ankle and right IT band were twinging. I worked it out and kept going. I just felt sluggish and tired. It seemed harder than usual. It rained and rained.

There were some smaller hills around miles 5-6 and those felt tough too, but I pushed through. At least I didn't have the urge to use the bathroom. That is a plus! The rain stopped here which was nice.

Around Mile 7 I almost threw in the towel for real. I started thinking I wasn't sure I would be able to finish. Then around mile 8 I realized I only had 4 miles left and it didn't seem too much longer. 

But then around Mile 9 I just started to feel miserable. My legs didn't want to go any further, my body was so beyond tired. But I kept on working. I thought, even if I went slow, it would help me get stronger.

After mile 10, I knew I was very close. I did a few laps on the high school track along my route to add some distance. Then I chose to stay straight instead of turning down 12th toward my house just to make sure I had enough road left so as not to short-change myself. Well I had more road than I needed, but I met my goal of 12 miles so that was good.  I didn't have to run that far or long. I only had to run 1:50, but I ran for 1:55. Basically I kept running because I really wanted to get home. I was exhausted, in discomfort, starving, etc. I had brought my water and sport beans, but they could not undo my mistake of running the day before.

When I got home, I tried an ice-cold bath (running tights and all) which helped some, but I learned that I can't get my feet in the water or it hurts! I am wearing my compression socks now too. Lots of rolling muscles and stretching, and re-hydrating to do!

Well for now, I get tomorrow off then I'll do something on Monday if I'm feeling up to it!

The positive for the day is that I did conquer the run (no matter what state I was in at the end) and I broke 100 miles for the year's progress!

I have been thinking about these long runs though...I can't take a whole Saturday off of studying and if I'm going to be absolutely wrecked after a long run, I'm not sure what I will do. Hopefully my body will learn how to adjust better because I can't lay in bed all day after long runs as if I were ill.

Update: 12:45, feeling much better! I think I ate too much granola when I got home and it gave me the nausea. After some rest, it subsided. And I'm overall feeling a bit better now too. Sometimes it takes a while for your hydration to kick in to make the symptoms of dehydration subside and I think that was a lot of what I was dealing with. I learned my lesson!

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