Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just a little note about the rest...

So I've posted a lot about my runs, how is everything else health-wise going? Well my diet is pretty good...I would say between 1-10, 1 being Big Macs every day and 10 being perfect food pyramid each day I am probably about a 7. For the most part we only buy healthy foods so if those are your only choices then there ya go! My sweet hubby tried to do something charming and brought home like 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies last week! For Heaven's Sake! I will fully admit to hiding the Thin Mints under my bed and chowing down when I was stressed and studying. But the Samoas I only like a little so that is not so hard. My favorite foods to grab these days are Greek yogurt, Clementines, unsalted almonds, celery and baby carrots and apples. I will be so glad when berries are in season again! I have been slowly working through my supply of frozen blackberries, but it's not the same as the fresh ones.

Other health BP, Pulse, and Lipids are looking good and from my last check up my thyroid and calcium are good too. I think I gained back 2 pounds since my last report of weight loss. that is entirely possible because while I eat mostly healthy, marathon training does make you hungry all of the time!

This year I am aware that I get Raynauds Syndrome in my fingers when it is cold. It makes me nervous. I will bring it up to my Dr at my next appt but from my own research, they don't know much about it except it is some kind of circulatory phenomenon. I'm sure it's not a very big deal.

Lastly, and the high point of my husband peaked at me getting out of the shower and commented on how I'm "really looking good these days", which translates to looking toner lately which really makes me feel great!

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