Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Body is So Weird...New Aches and Pains

Today is the aftermath of yesterday's rough long run. And man am I feeling it! It's funny though, my body never manifests soreness the same way twice it seems. I don't have a "hot spot" that always seems to be sore, always seems to give me trouble. I'd say my first years running I always had trouble with my shins, then later on as I started to run longer my left ankle would bug me. Then there was the R IT Band...and this time my knees really surprised me. I didn't notice particular stress or soreness in them yesterday but by last night, even with ibuprofen and ice bath my knees were stiff and sore. It's like the swelling happened behind the knee cap. It's subtle but noticeable! Today I took some more ibuprofen and I'm doing better. I don't see this as an injury, just typical day-after soreness/reaction to stress. It's just the weirdest thing...I never know where my body will feel it the most!!

* Monday I felt great! It was a relief because I was nervous about the knee pain, but it completely went away :) It is just a reminder that after my next long run I will probably want to have ice ready for my knees to keep them from swelling. Or...I will want to take a better, more effective ice bath. Brrrrrrr!!

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