Monday, February 25, 2013

My Own Personal Half Marathon!

This last week I swapped some workouts in order to better fit my schedule. I did my tempo run on Saturday and decided Monday would be a better fit for my long run. My training schedule is seriously ending up stretched out as I get a little further behind each week it seems. Today I am finishing training week 7. But I am making progress and I am always trying to fit workouts in as time permits. I reviewed my app to see what workouts I would be scheduled to do the days/weeks prior to marathon race day and all still looks really good. My longest run (200 minutes !) looks to be a few weeks out from the marathon still so that's good.

So my #1 goal today was to avoid a run like last week so last night I had a proper dinner to carb load, and hydrated all weekend pretty much. I laid out my clothes the night before with plans to get up at 6:30am so my kids could catch their 7:15 bus. My older son walked to school and I started my run right after the kids got on the bus...that way I would still have plenty of day left to recover and work on important tasks for school. My plan went off without a hitch-for once! By the time I hit mile 1, my run reminder ("Run-You Are A Badass!!") went off. That was an awesome feeling. I don't get to feel really "on it" very often in my life ;)

Style/Workout: Long Run
Setting/Route: All Over Seaside
Mileage: 13.1 miles-A HALF MARATHON!!
Progress: (running mileage): 13.1 today/66.99 this month/ 129.92 year-to-date (Goal-65 miles this month)

*SWEET! I met my month's goal of 65 miles! And I still have 3 days left to squeeze in a few more miles!

I pretty much covered all over town! My last mile and a half was basically winding up and down streets by my house so I wouldn't short-change myself, but so I wouldn't get too far from my end point. 

OK, I will be honest, I had a goal for today. I knew it was a 2-hour run today and when I think 2-hours, I think Half Marathon...could I do it? Could I run a half marathon in 2 hours or less? Well I came really close, I mean painfully close! But it was all good in the end and I'm pleased! 2:01: 29 for a training run is not bad. I really hope to reach a half marathon PR sometime this year. Last year's bonk at the Portland Rock n Roll Half Marathon sucked! I redeemed myself today!

Here are my paces each mile:

Once again, I went out too fast on the first mile and had positive splits until mile 5 :( I hate that I do that, but in the end it turns out ok I guess. I always try really hard to run slower on the first mile and always run faster than I want to. Just gotta keep trying!

So a few notes about this run. Miles 1 and 2 were tough because the wind was whipping off of the ocean today! At one point I had hail hitting me sideways! I literally started laughing so hard because it was so ridiculous! It was only for about 5 minutes or so, so I am glad I didn't quit!

I added a bit of road early on, during miles 3-4 so from then on, I would reach little checkpoints with just a bit more mileage under my belt. I know it is purely psychological, but that felt good!

I felt pretty good all run until about mile 9. I started feeling it around mile 9. My ankles and knees were taking turns feeling sore, and it took a lot of brain power to keep going. There is something wonderful about that 8-mile point. For some reason my brain reprograms into believing I don't have much left and the weight really lifts.

The last 5K I ran as hard as I could. I knew my time goal was going to be close and I didn't have anything to lose so I just ran it as hard as I could tolerate. At the end, I literally stopped, hands on knees, and almost keeled over. But it felt good even though it had been really hard. I made myself refill my water bottle and walk for a while to try to work the lactic acid out of my legs.

When I finished, Paula Radcliffe congratulated me for my longest run so far and my personal best for half marathon (using the Nike +). 

I went for the ice bath again, only today I took a running friend's advice and bundled up really good on my top half. I had a winter beanie on plus a fleece jacket plus I had wrapped a thick towel around my shoulders as well. I tolerated it much better and actually experienced the relief everyone talks about. Don't get me wrong, the initial immersion is BRU-TAL, but once you get used to it, you can sit there for a while. And I think I managed about 10 minutes before I needed to get on with things.

I didn't get nauseous today. I went really slow with food. I started with a handful of almonds and had grabbed some carrots. I also made myself a chocolate protein shake. Between small bites and sips of those plus water, I did ok. By lunchtime I was ready to have a real meal.

I've just been taking it easy today. I have tons of homework so I have found it to be perfectly comfortable to lay in bed with my laptop and my books scattered all over the bed working. I am taking a quick break to take the kids to the park now though. The sun finally came out so we're bundling up to get some fun and exercise!

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