Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A few poses

I never have time to post on this blog anymore (I guess I'm too much in motion these days!) but I wanted to store a few shots of some yoga today. I am consistently taking a hot yoga every Monday and it's been great! My body does amazing things these days...even if I'm holding onto 10 lbs I'd love to lose. It's ok, I'm not too worried about it right now. Just enjoying life. That being said, I missed my class 3 weeks in a row due to scheduling conflicts and my back/shoulders have been so kinked! I had no idea what a huge difference my weekly class makes! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hiking Iron Mountain

This day I set out for a really great hike. I love our hiking spots here in the San Diego area. Iron Mountain is true hiking. The terrain is rocky and hiking shoes are best. It was a great day with clear conditions and warm (not hot) temps.

The views from the trail are gorgeous!

Made it to the top!

Don't slip! Haha
I followed my awesome hike with a great lunch at Rubios...shrimp tacos-yum!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The best day!

Monday I had the best day! :)

I worked all last week and then into the weekend. My stress level was far beyond healthy so Sunday night I got my stuff all packed for an early Monday morning surf session. The news has been reporting on increased hammerhead shark sightings N of my Pacific Beach surf spot. It didn't bother me one bit.  I'm not sure even a hurricane would have stopped me from heading out into those waves. That's how badly I needed my "therapy".

Two hours of salt water refreshment and I emerged a new person, cleansed by the sea and salt air, ready to take on my life again. I had caught a couple of waves on my longboard too. And really to me, catching waves is just icing on the cake. I rinsed off my board and wetsuit and took a shower at the beach showers. They're not the cleanest (I just wear flip-flops), but the water was cool and the ceiling is open-aire which is such a refreshing feeling, especially with the heatwave we've been having. I combed some moroccon oil into my hair, doused my face with some Neutrogena moisturizer and threw on a maxi dress and flip-flops and headed over to work. When I got there I discovered that the project I was scheduled to work on was DONE! What to do, what to do? I had just bought 4 hours with nothing on my schedule. How about spend the day enjoying myself? There was no question! God had opened up the day and knew I needed it!

I am long overdue taking care of myself. I almost always find time for exercise but rarely do I do much else aside from buying products I like for my hair and skin. So today I marched right over to the nail salon and got a wonderful hour-long mani-pedi followed by a bikini wax (not relaxing but still feels good to take care of myself). After that it was getting quite warm so I drove down to the beach boardwalk, where I grabbed a breakfast burrito (even though it was lunch) from a place called Kono's Cafe where the line usually wraps around the building. Well today was my day. I walked right up to the counter, placed my order and found a seat with a gorgeous view (almost never available!). I didn't eat much, but then browsed around Wahine's and a few other surf shops and walked out onto the pier where I watched the surfers for about an hour.

After that it was time to pick up my hubby from work and carpool home. I even got to sit and wait for him for about an hour napping in the car under a shade tree.

Of course after that we went home where the craziness of football, homework, chores, etc occurs but at this point nothing could have bothered me. I was good.

I can't think of a better way to spend my day. Maybe my shaded nap could have been in a hammock? ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 1! (again...)

Here's to Day 1 of being a runner again! Today's run was 3.15 miles at 10:15/mile. Not bad! I dropped my son off at school and was really looking forward to hitting the pavement after quite a while. My last runs were in Oregon so...yeah it's been a while. I hit the ground running in 73 degrees and sunny conditions and after just a few minutes I realized my weather app lied! It was a smokin' 80 degrees out! I did a walk/run combo and more than once during my walk portion I threw my hands up and moaned, " Too HOOOOOT!" I had my earbuds in so if I was loud I didn't know. It actually made me very thankful I skipped the AFC Half Marathon because in such poor shape with 90+ degree weather I would have seriously suffered for that medal. (Ok it still stings a little)

I finished today though and can finally say I've started back again. I have so little time these days but running is such an easy way to get a workout in. The weather is bound to get cooler eventually too.

Here's the Skinny

Football season is back in full swing, and with it my son's nightly practices. I've been seeing faces I don't see all year until football starts. One face in particular that I haven't seen all year got much, much skinnier.

A mom of one of the boys on Aaron's football team lost a bunch of weight, a shocking amount actually. Not the, hey-good-for-you amount of weight but the.woah-is-she-sick? amount. And it's weird because I specifically remember admiring how lovely she looked last year...a very attractive build, very pretty hair, low-key fashion that she made look effortless (with her 4 kids!). I remember thinking, wow, she looks very nicely put together.

This year I was shocked to see that she has lost like 20 lbs which for someone of 5'6" or 5'7" stature really shows. I can't help but wonder, did she do it on purpose? This woman was gorgeous now many of the things that stood out as attractive last year have shrunk, and not in a good way. Perhaps she is ill (hopefully not). But otherwise I wonder, why women do this? I don't understand how to so many women ultra-skinny is still considered attractive!

Listen up ladies. We need to understand that we are amazing. We are beautiful, we are feminine and strong, we are creative and sporty, we are loving and powerful. We have so many wonderful traits as our true selves, especially our mom-selves. I don't understand why so many try to fix what isn't broken.

Here's the thing...if you are overweight, then definitely make some healthy changes. But if you are at a healthy weight, your blood lab draws are in range at the Dr's office, you see the dentist regularly, get your annual Pap smears and mammograms and you're good, don't try to fix what isn't broken! I'm not trying to criticize women who are naturally thin, thinness as a goal does not equal beautiful or attractive. In fact I have never once heard a man say that they loved putting their arms around a boney-thin woman. Most say they like having a woman with areas they can squeeze-LOL.

I don't mention things like this often because I always receive "well you couldn't possibly understand" messages. And let me tell you this...I live in the same appearance-obsessed, airbrushed society as you do. I have grown, birthed and breastfed 3 babies. I have plenty of flaws...PLENTY. I see the pressure to get Botox, a boob job, weekly mani-pedis, etc. And here's a bomb for you...I weigh 145 lbs with my 5'4" stature...I'm not skinny! And that's ok because who says it's not?!?

Anyway, I'm not an eloquent blogger or anything I just thought I would throw this out into cyberspace. We all need to hear this. It makes me sad that the woman at my son's football practice either hasn't heard this or doesn't believe it. But I'm going to say it...Whatever you are naturally, ladies be proud of who you don't need to be skinny to be beautiful! Who you are, is enough.