Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 1! (again...)

Here's to Day 1 of being a runner again! Today's run was 3.15 miles at 10:15/mile. Not bad! I dropped my son off at school and was really looking forward to hitting the pavement after quite a while. My last runs were in Oregon so...yeah it's been a while. I hit the ground running in 73 degrees and sunny conditions and after just a few minutes I realized my weather app lied! It was a smokin' 80 degrees out! I did a walk/run combo and more than once during my walk portion I threw my hands up and moaned, " Too HOOOOOT!" I had my earbuds in so if I was loud I didn't know. It actually made me very thankful I skipped the AFC Half Marathon because in such poor shape with 90+ degree weather I would have seriously suffered for that medal. (Ok it still stings a little)

I finished today though and can finally say I've started back again. I have so little time these days but running is such an easy way to get a workout in. The weather is bound to get cooler eventually too.

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