Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Rocking Miles-Rolling Hills Route

Run: 4 miles
Location: Irving St Route with Rolling Hills
Time: 8:15 am
Temperature: 44 degrees
Weather: Lots of Fog

Notes: Great run! Today was the first day that I timed myself. I made the 4-mile trek in 37 minutes, an average of 9:15 minutes per mile. Not bad, especially considering some of the killer hills! (By the way, I added a link to the pace calculator that I use on the links box on the right-hand side.) This run felt so great! I have an iPhone now and added some new songs as well as old favorites and I rocked out! It was so fun!! I know that having and iPod helps me. I can't hear grunts, gasps and deep breaths and I just go for it! I totally destroyed the hills! Nothing better than working hard on a run. And lucky me, I escaped the rain, which held out until my last 5 minutes which was cool.

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