Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Something Tweaked? (Time to Cross-Train)

For some reason last night I started noticing my left knee felt a bit tweaked, kind of as if it had been a little hyperextended. I didn't have anything obvious happen to cause it and I have been stretching and everything quite diligently. The last thing I want is an injury so I have been really listening closely to my body(which has been feeling great). I have some strength training and I want to add yoga soon. The great thing about today is that everything I aim to do is isolation exercise, so I can really cue into every muscle and see how everything feels. I have a feeling my knee is just feeling pulled probably by my IT band. It's definitely time I added some yoga and cross training to my running schedule.

That being said, I tallied up my mileage thus far and I'm at 30 miles. It's a nice round number :)

And...I noticed I have lost 2 lbs these last 3 weeks! Good things.

Today's workout consisted of a 1-mile treadmill run and a bunch of weight maxes. Nothing exciting. But it's good to be doing some cross-training now.

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