Friday, January 6, 2012

Up to January 6th

Woohoo!! Here we go! This year I have resolved to run 1000 miles. I know I can do it! I wonder if I ran that much last year anyway...probably not with the lengthy breaks I took. I probably did it in 2010. Having this blog will help me track regular work-outs and progress, and give me a place I can elaborate on details I feel are relevant to the well as give me a vent for struggles. I am hoping to keep it pretty simple though. My lengthy posts will probably only be when I run races.

My last run was in November, and I have felt so out of shape! Not to mention I have gained a little weight over the holidays, thankfully just 5 pounds. I can handle that.

Running Log:

Tuesday: 3 miles with jogging stroller in the morning. It felt so good to be back out there! I felt like I could rule the world. I went fairly slow and I did not take any walking breaks. I ordered a new pair of skapris, I felt like a rockstar. I rolled out my legs before bed.

Wednesday: 2 miles on the treadmill at the SEPRD around 7:00pm, my first time using it. It felt SO HARD! My legs felt heavy and I just didn't have much in me. Maybe it was evening, maybe I'm just THAT out of shape! I managed to squeeze out 2 miles and then I walked for another half a mile.

Thursday: 3 miles in the morning, no stroller. Felt pretty tough again. I had to use a lot of mind over matter here. That being said, I made it the whole way, going slow, except one brief moment to tie my shoes. Rolled out my legs before bed.

Friday(today): Today I felt like I needed a form of cross-training so I went for an hour-long walk on the Astoria Riverwalk. Felt really great. However, today I felt like I failed because ravenous hunger hit me and I had a two-cheeseburger meal plus Sprite at McDonald's, then I hate 1 1/2 eggrolls at dinner. I ate some healthy stuff too...but bad eating guilt hit evenso. Gonna stretch and roll out my legs.

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