Saturday, January 7, 2012


So after last night, and the gut rot I experienced after a terrible eating day, I thought I would take the time to keep a little bit of a log of what I'm fueling my body with. Simple as that.


                1 1/2 cups coffee, FF milk and sugar added
                1/2 cup whole oats, berries, touch of cinamon and ~2 Tbsp FF milk
                1/2 cup coffee
                16 oz water
                1 apple
                2 cups oriental snack mix
                minestrone soup
                1 cup milk
                16 oz water
                1 cup of coffee, milk, sugar
                apple slices
                few handfuls of home-popped popcorn
                 2 cups salad(romaine, carrots, grape tomatoes)
                 2 Tbsp light homemade ranch
                16 oz water
                a couple oz. pulled pork light
                on two slices whole wheat toast spread with ketchup
                1 cup peas
                20 Hershey's Kisses (had quite the craving and very little self-control!)
                16 oz water
                2 glasses of white wine (while watching The Notebook I might add)
                more oriental snack mix.
                16 oz water just before bed.

Let's obvious weakness I have is nighttime snacking. In the summer, when the days are longer, I walk in the evenings or take the kids to the park instead of sit and veg. The shorter days are a real pooper because I don't really feel comfortable being out for too long after dark, especially without Ben with me.

Another one, too little water drinking throughout the day. When I am in my normal routine at school, I bring my water bottle with me and I know I refill it at least twice, which puts me where I need to bed.

Especially considering that today I had THREE cups of coffee(which really doesn't surprise me with our cold weather), I need to seriously offset that with water intake.

What else? It looks like I could find ways to replace some carbs with vegetables. Easy. Munch on carrots and celery instead of snack mix.

I can also add some nutritious food earlier in the day, it looks like I am consuming too few calories early on and overcompensating later in the evening. 

Looks like I was where I need to be on protein and dairy and pretty close on fruits.I could always eat more vegetables.

Also, I never drink wine on the weekdays, but maybe I could switch to some red, to add antioxidants?

I'm no nutritionist but I did take nutrition over the summer so I hope I am getting at least some of this right!

I will probably keep a nutrition log from time to time to see where I can improve.

So goals:

1) Cut back to only 2 cups of coffee per day
2) Substitute some carb munchies for veggie munchies.
3) Drink more water

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