Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Beautiful Miles at Sunset

Sunset on the beach, one of my favorite things. I enjoy it even more in the afterglow of a run. The sun was shining so brightly today you just couldn't not get out and enjoy it. It felt like spring. I really wanted to run but felt like maybe I should rest. Then I checked the weather report which calls for rain tomorrow (70%), but mild weather rest of the week. So tomorrow makes a better rest day ;) I'll get my locker all set up at school and fill out the paperwork necessary to use the gym. That way I'll have it ready to go and I won't miss a workout because of a technicality ( like not being able to open the gym or when I don't feel like toughing out the rain).

Rambling aside, I had a great run! I pushed Aaron in the stroller. There were quite a few people on the Prom and my kids were in a great mood. I paid close attention to my shins which took the 3 miles really well. That is a relief! (Stretched and rolled before bed)

After the run, the kids and I went and played at the beach. We even took Abby, our little dog.

What a great first week of the year. I ran a total of 14 miles, over 5 days. I am totally happy with that.

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