Friday, January 27, 2012

Cross Training Overload and a Cold, Cold Run

This week I finally got some cross training in. Tuesday and Thursday I hit the gym, did a little cardio warm up then hit the weights. Thursday was the day I had designated to try this new yoga class at the local rec center so I finished up my strength workout and walked over for it. The yoga class was insane! It was vinyasa so always moving and while there was a lot of great stretching, it was all combined with dynamic strength moves that kicked my butt! Funny me, I had gotten up this morning figuring I would to some strength training then hit a "relaxing yoga session". Oh how naive I can be sometimes ;) I was so ravenous by the end that I almost made a bee-line for McDonald's for a cheeseburger value meal. I was a good girl though and I ate my lunch instead. But lesson learned! Last night my butt was so sore (partly from my hill workout the day before) that I was icing and rolling through the agony of overdoing it.

Today's run:

Run: 4 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk West End
Time: 8:15 am
Temperature: 31 degrees and freezing!!
Weather: Foggy and windy

I woke up still so sore today so I spent a little more time warming up, stretching, and just getting the range of motion going in my legs. I switched out my running ball-cap for my headband with ear covers and I remembered my black gloves. I also gave myself a break and parked at my run route instead of forcing myself to run back up the huge hill to where my car is usually parked at school.

The run started out pretty good, wind at my back, just plugging along feeling strong. But once I hit the out-and-back point and had to face the wind I just about froze. I felt like I was hitting a huge ice-block-wall! I walked some to give myself a break since I have been so sore, but overall I just wanted it to be over so I kept running (which gets it over faster). I did not enjoy running back. As soon as I climbed into my car, I cranked the heat and guzzled down a chocolate protein shake that I had made that morning for myself. What a treat! My face unthawed, eyes unglazed and I headed back to school to get ready for class (shower, get dressed, dry my hair, etc.)

A bummer realization hit me though once I'd stepped out of the shower (which was glorious by the way, nothing like a hot shower on a day like today!). I had forgotten every undergarment possible. No bra, no undies, no socks. What the heck?!? There have been days where I'd forget one and I usually have back-ups in my locker (note taken) But how had I managed to forget all three?!? I laughed it off and dressed as so not to make it obvious that I was all commando underneath. Today was one of those days I was actually thankful I have no boobs. LOL I don't think anyone noticed.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I will do my long run on Sunday instead. My poor body is so sore I need a day to recover!

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