Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Saturday Slog

"slog": a runner's term for slow jog.

Run: 3 miles
Location: The Prom, Seaside, OR
Time: 9:00 am
Temperature: 43 degrees
Weather: cloudy and wiiiiiinnnnnndddddyyyyy!!!


Today was designated by me as a 6-mile long run day. Judging by my mileage, it was an epic failure. But I don't say that word because as far as I'm concerned, a run is still a run and a step in the right direction! I have all of my boys home from school being a Saturday and Ben is not home from training until Monday. Thankfully it wasn't raining  this morning so I figured I could have my oldest take the younger ones to the park while I ran, and I could check in with them. My plan was out-and-back on the Prom, times two. Six miles.

Everything felt good. Since I had planned on running longer than 4 miles, I wore my Ace ankle support (left ankle), which was just ok. I didn't really like it. It seemed to keep my muscles too tight, and it just felt weird. On a similar note, my shins were feeling yesterday's hill workout. So the verdict is out on the ankle brace.

Running today felt good. I ran at a slower "long run" pace and I really enjoyed myself. It seems Jeff Galloway's advice pops into my head often, always tips about taking it slower, being good to your body and building strength and endurance gradually. He gives permission to go a little slower and take walk breaks a lot. (I did not walk, but it is empowering to reserve the right to do so if needed.)

I was disappointed when I went to check in on the boys and one of them was on the verge of meltdown, initiated by someone driving him nuts, not playing fair or something like that. What was supposed to be just part of my run ended up being me coming to a complete hault for 20 minutes trying to usher everyone home. So I threw in the towel. Oh well, it's all good. I still had my longest mileage week this year at 14 miles. Not bad! I am really proud of myself for sticking to "shorter mileage, an average of 3 miles per run" for this long. I know I'm doing my body a huge favor in doing so!

So my friends I close out Week 3 of this year's journey! It feels good to have been so consistent already. I guess it helps that I really do love running.

Stats thus far:

Total Mileage: 38 miles, (3.8% down!)
Longest Run: 4 miles
Favorite Run: The hilly route I ran yesterday on Irving St.

**3 weeks until the 5K in Longview. As far as 5K race shape, I'm feeling really good! I want to get two longer runs (6 mile and 7 mile) in before the run and one longer tempo run in as well (20 minutes).

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