Monday, January 23, 2012

Five Miles Monday

Run: 5 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk West End, then 17th Street Hill
Time: 8:15 am
Temperature: 35 degrees
Weather: Lots of Fog


Well, it's still really cold (naturally...I mean it is January!). Last night I got on to see if I'd be trudging along in the rain today and gladly I saw that the forecast did not call for rain! Woop! As I drove over to Astoria I had a lovely, clear view of the sunrise, which really lifted my spirits. Then I crossed the bridge into a superthick fogbank and the sun was swallowed up. What a downer! Oh well, I went into my run with a "don't think, just run" mentality and thanked God it wasn't raining. The hills were icy so I decided to just walk down the hill instead of drive (and lose my great parking space by the gymnasium). I did 4.5 miles of flat then made the added .5-mile trek up the hill. I will admit, I had to walk the last block. Those Astoria hills are not kidding!

The run went well. I challenged myself and started at a faster pace to see how long I could hold it and turns out I held it to the end! I really need to start timing myself. Thanks to my new iPhone I will be able to do that from here on out! I will also have an iPod to listen to which I'm really looking forward to!

Next post I will share my playlist(which I will probably update periodically)...

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