Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Woohoo! I ran my longest run so far! It was kind of accidental, because I mapped my run online then when I got to the out-and-back point, the sign I was looking for was missing. So I went just a bit further!

Run: 4 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk (west end)
Time: 8 am
Temperature: 32 degrees (with wind chill factor)

Notes: Tailwind in the out portion, heavy headwind in the back portion. Felt really good!! I felt like I was working hard but nothing hurt, ached or burned. Everything felt good. I wore my Nike running headband as I have been and today could have been a full on stocking cap day but I made it ok. I also wore some black kid-sized gloves that I found in a basket in the entryway. Those were a MUST! I am pretty sure my cheeks got pretty wind burnt. I had to watch out for a few places of icing on the wood planks of the bridges.

But overall, what a gorgeous run! This morning the sunrise was explosive pinks! The water was lapping on the beach, the riverwalk was quiet. And although it was super windy, I kept telling myself, "At least it's not raining! Woohoo!!" :)

Also, I found a place where the Riverwalk trail continues on, and I didn't follow it today but it looks like it goes all along the bay and past the boat docks. I am going to maybe take a walk out there first and get a feel for how far it is, because it is not featured in

By the way, greatest invention for a runner without a GPS watch- Check it out!


  1. Good job on the run. I'll let you know when we do a group run. Are there any good routes in Seaside?
    I'm looking at 10x100m repeats tomorrow--ugh!

    1. Yes, Steve, I have a few great routes in Seaside, out-and-back and loop. They are 3 miles, 6 miles and 7 miles-and-change. Let me know!