Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I Love Running :)

I really do love running. Some people say that they hate running or they make themselves run to stay in shape...but I honestly love running. I thought I'd mention why :)

~I love that running is just for me. There are days when I have to push my jogging stroller on the weekends because my youngest son just can't hack miles and miles with his training wheels :) But for the most part these days running is just mine. There aren't many things that I do that aren't to benefit multiple individuals (even school is part of our family's bigger financial goals). Running is just mine.

~Running makes me feel strong. I don't have to be super-coordinated, talented or even pretty while doing it. I just lace up my shoes and tackle the road I am running that day. It makes me feel young and alive.

~Running is a huge stress-reliever. Even today as I am sitting down writing up this blog, I am interrupted so many times. Life is stressful. Life with 3 young boys adds to it. Having my husband gone for weeks straight is a straight-up joke when we are talking about me keeping my sanity! When I run, often at the start I have all of these burdens on my shoulders, and as I run, I picture the burdens falling off. It's like I'm giving every stressful thing in my life a piggy back ride and one by one they fall off as I leave them in my tracks. For a while I get to clear my head, or let my thoughts wander. I appreciate nature and get a ton of good, fresh air. I finish up feeling ready to tackle the stresses of the day again.

~Endorphins. 'Nough said.

~Running is a huge confidence booster. When I am running, I feel like I am doing something extremely challenging. I am out there working hard when other people refuse to. As I train, I get faster, and every improvement boosts confidence. Every run reminds me that I am capable of pretty awesome things.

~Running is kind of like a special club. There is this unspoken respect for one another as runners, especially since non-runners don't really "get it". I have noticed that when I am out running, especially in the cold, wet weather we've been having, when you pass another runner, there is often this head-bob that says, "Yes, we are runners. We rock."

~Running is so fun! There is a lot that goes into this "hobby". From designing a kick-butt playlist on your iPod, to traveling to race destinations. Collecting medals, race bibs and t-shirts, visiting the Expos. It's one of few sports that literally anyone can participate in.

~Oh and last but certainly not least...I love food. Running keeps things toned and keeps me from gaining a ton of weight! :)

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