Monday, January 9, 2012

Rest Day and First Schedule Conflicts

Rest Day: Ok that was today. Not much to say except I really wanted to go run! Man the itch has come back in full force! But nonetheless, I was a responsible adult and I rested, stretched and rolled out my muscles. I get to run tomorrow :-D

Schedule Conflicts: One of my goals for this year is to not let schedule conflicts keep me from runs I know I need to complete. It falls under the "making running a priority" goal.

1) I am a morning runner by far...and I can be as specific to say that I like to run between 8-9am ideally. I like to get it done, sweat it out, shower everything off and get on with my day. My body seems most fresh and raring to go first thing in the morning too. Honestly, in days past if the morning drew past 10am and I had not gone for a run yet, I would just call it a wash and get on with my day...a big part of my problem. So winter term just started and Tuesdays I have Anatomy and Physiology Lab from 8-11. Frig. Right before lunch, right during my "sweet spot" running time of the day! So I thought, no problem, I will just eat a little bit bigger breakfast with some protein so I'm not starving by run time, wear my running garb to class then after class head out. I can be flexible, I can!! (I will have to bring a gym bag full of all of my getting-ready-for-the day clothes, toiletries, and shower stuff...but I will work it out!)

2)Then I realized I scheduled a coffee date with a friend right after class! Why on earth did I do that?? I had it all set up and I hate canceling but in the interest of staying consistant, I rescheduled it. It's so weird but that was the hardest thing. I hate being a flake. But it became easier when I faced the fact that this tiny fear-disappointing others-is a huge part of the problem of why I fell out of my running routine. I let the fear motivate me to push my own health down the priority ladder.  That realization was all the push I needed, because I know I desperately need to change it.

Baby Steps...

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