Friday, March 9, 2012

Two to Work it Out

Run/Workout: 2.59 miles
Location:Irving Street, the easy part
Run Time (if applicable): 23:18, 8:59 splits
Run Start: 8:40
Temperature:50 degrees
Weather: cloudy and blah!


With the recent news of my non-fractured left tib-fib, I figured I would squeeze my calves into my compression socks and just see what happened. So I did just that. I treated it like any other running day, and I only gave myself the expectation to go a short distance, 2-3 miles. My warm-up was like any other and I was feeling the sting in my left calf, but I kept on working it out. My run was tough, the first 10 minutes felt good, smooth and pretty easy. But minutes 10-20 my calves were tight and burning! Some of that is normal for me but I wonder how much is just getting used to the compression socks? Either way, I kept working. I walked a little, stretched as needed, aimed for grass rather than pavement and made it up the hills just fine. I did a good cool-down and thoroughly stretched. 

My legs feel fine now too. It's weird... going up and down stairs and everything feel fine. It's like I "worked it out" or something, which I know doesn't make sense.  

Well whatever it is, I'll take it! 

I am going to aim for a 5K tomorrow :)

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