Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunday 5K

Wooo...Techy! So I finally learned how to take screen shots on my iPhone and I thought hey, it might be fun and easy to just post those results! It basically includes most of the information I post, save for weather and notes!

Lucky Us!! Tonight I tried out the new (old) treadmill that we were lucky enough to acquire for FREE from a family member (SCORE!!) and it works great. It is a Proform 735 CS model that folds and locks into place. It is supposed to be a space saver model. I guess technically I could put it up in our bedroom or extra bedroom but I just can't stand workout equipment in the main part of the house. It just isn't my style. So the garage will be it's home. I need to buy a treadmill mat of some sort or see if I have any spare rugs or mats to put down under it. I'm thinking podcasts or fresh music on my iPod will also be a must. I don't have much to look at other than my husband's tools and Coast Guard memorabilia.

It runs great! It's a little squeaky and dusty but for whatever reason, it offers a really soft foot strike. I don't know what it is, because honestly I usually hate treadmills and only use them as a last resort, but this one was not an unpleasant experience at all. I'm really thankful we have it.

Workout notes: A 5K felt great to accomplish. My calves were burning pretty good until about 17 minutes in where they slowly calmed down minute by minute. I am not much of an evening runner but it wasn't too bad. It didn't feel "easy" per say, but still good. Lastly, I discovered that the treadmill calibration was off and I went by my Nike+ stats instead.

Weighty Issues: I have come to terms lately with the realization that I could stand to lose 10 pounds. I carry it in my butt and thighs (and some on my arms) and I just know that if I lightened up a bit in my lower half, I would probably put less stress on my lower legs. Not to mention I wouldn't scare myself when I get a full posterior view!! LOL.

I know it will take 95% diet with me too, which is hard. I like food. I discipline myself in other areas, but food...that's a different story. I like to eat what I want, when I want it and I don't like fad diets! However, after a few diet logs I discovered that without a doubt my weak point is in the evenings. I come home tired, somewhat stressed and hungry. That is a recipe for disaster. And it's real people. All I want to do is eat a monstrous dinner and follow that up with sweets and late-night snacks. It's not a good situation.

However, I learned this evening that if I do some sort of exercise, my sympathetic nervous system kicks in and suppresses my appetite so I can have more control(and burn some calories at the same time). For dinner tonight I ended up eating a low-fat chocolate protein shake, almonds and brussels sprouts. Not that I would eat that every night, that was just what sounded good.

So my goal going into this week is to briskly walk on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes before dinner, just enough to get my heart rate up but not enough to end up dripping sweat. I usually have dinner ready early and I can steal away for that amount of time between kids' activities if I try. It's time to kick this thing into high-gear! Wish me luck!

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