Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garage Workouts Rock

Run/Workout: 3 miles
Location: My (newly cleaned) garage-Treadmill
Run Time (if applicable): 30:08
Run Start: 8:45 am
Temperature: ??
Weather: cloudy and pouring down rain outside, but dry inside! 


Today I continued on my half marathon training plan with three miles and added those strength training moves I'm glad I have started doing! 

10 minute walk warm-up
10 stairs
10 burpees
25 mountain climbers
15 heel raises
25 high knees (each leg)
25 butt kicks (each leg)
40 x-jacks

Then I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, which went fine! Listened to my iPod but didn't try to track my run, I just used the treadmill stats. I find it strange, but it seems like to me, the treadmill is harder than running outside. A 10:00 pace on the treadmill feels about the same exertion as 9:00 outside. Throughout the run, I did increase my pace gradually. Everything felt good. 

After the run, I walked for an additional 30 minutes; part of my weight-loss efforts.

40 classic crunches
10 push-ups
10 bicycles (each side)
15 tricep dips

Exercise photos. I am not one of those people who try to look all pretty and girly when I workout by the way! Here are a few examples:

 Mountain Climbers
 The stairs I climb

The moral of the is totally possible to get a good workout in your own garage! :)

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