Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Testing out the new Nike+GPS on 4 hilly miles

Run/Workout: 4 miles/Hills
Location: Irving St.
Run Time (if applicable): 37:58, 9:40 average splits (7:30 fastest, 11:30 slowest)
Run Start: 8:15am
Temperature:43 degrees
Weather:cloudy with patches of blue sky
Yesterday I took a much-needed rest day. Today I felt great! I finally got back out on the actual road. I used my treadmill all last week, partly because the weather was extremely awful (hail, snow, wind, freezing) and partly because it was all my schedule would allow. It was also in part to the newness of the treadmill. But it felt so great to be back outside! Nothing beats a great run outside. I missed this route and I haven't ran it in a while. It was like seeing an old friend ;) I am thankful it didn't rain and there was no wind.

At this point I am not expecting sun anymore :( Let's face it, its Oregon in late winter/early spring...the weather kind of sucks. I try not to complain and I take Vitamin D and sit in front of a S.A.D. lamp which all help. I think a vacation would help the some place sunny like Florida :) But back to running...
I'm loving my compression socks. My calves and shins have never felt better! It's amazing really. I would like to get more colors, or at least a few pairs so I can alternate them and wash them more often. Most of all I found myself just saying over and over again in my head, "I am so thankful" because my body feels healthy and strong and I got to go for a run today. I never want to take that for granted because it doesn't take much to get injured and you get stuck sidelined! So today, I was very thankful to be running :)
I downloaded the Nike+ GPS app and tried it out today. It's pretty cool and I guess it is much more accurate than the regular Nike+...but I'm not sure. The regular Nike+ chip in your shoe costs more-around $20 at the outlet store-while the GPS app is only 1.99.  The Nike+ tracks the shoe chip while the GPS tracks your iPhone...I'm not sure which one I like better. The Nike+ GPS is a bit flashier and includes your route and info including pace. It's pretty cool and I like it. Both have great voice notifications which I like. Today the Nike+GPS included a congratulations from Shalane Flanagan :) I like hearing the miles countdown in my head.
I wasn't sure if there was a difference in distance accuracy between the two apps. Today I was only clocked at 4 miles, and last time the same route brought me 4.5 miles. I guess it isn't a huge deal, but to me it is since I am tracking my mileage all year and I want it to be accurate. Mostly, I do not want to short change myself and say I ran further than I actually did. I'm thinking the variations are coming from the switch-backs from when I cross the road, and not so much the accuracy of the apps. It is very easy to add .5-1 mile when you cross the road a dozen times, depending on the length of run. Come to think of it, I stayed on one side of the road a lot today and may have crossed the road 2-3 times and I usually do it a lot more for whatever reason.
If you read my blog and have any experience with either of the Nike apps, will you give me your feedback? I would love to hear what other people would have to say about them!

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