Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hurray for Compression Socks!

My left shin/tibia area is still hurting with each foot strike impact (I have been trying a few soft steps every day with no luck), although I have been resting it for the last few days. Yesterday we went for a family stroll that took us walking for a few miles. It felt ok but when I got back my left lower leg was just aching and aching. To add insult to injury, my IT bands on both sides have been painfully tight. It's funny because you'd think they would tighten up from over-use. In this case, it is from under-use.

I have been trying to stave off injury depression but it is hard. I know what is best for me is to rest until the pain goes away. I will get an x-ray this week and find out for sure what direction to take my recovery. So I guess I can officially say one of my New Year's Resolutions has been effectively ruined. Oh well. I will prevail...just carefully. But I really want to get out for a run! 

That being said, on the positive on our way back from a short camping excursion (at the best place to run by the way, Champoeg State Park...more on that later) we stopped at RoadRunner Sports. I love this running store. The saleswoman hooked me up with some great compression socks that I immediately fell in love with! I may never take them off! :) The best part is that it makes me still feel like a runner to have gear that applies to "time off" just as much as hard training.

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