Friday, March 23, 2012

Running Stuff I Love, Springtime Edition

This, my friends is the Lululemon Scuba zip-up hoody. I tried it on last weekend while in Portland for the Shamrock Run. It is by far the most comfortable sweatshirt/jacket I have ever put on! It comes at a hefty price ($108) so I am thinking maybe for my birthday next month?? I can't justifying just plopping that kind of money down at the drop of the hat. It wouldn't feel right. But nonetheless, I LOVE this jacket.

I also love the Lulu logo on the hood.

I am an official believer in compression wear! My compression socks have worked wonders for me! I am now wondering about compression calf sleeves for running. My socks are very tight and have been useful for recovery, but they are hell to run in. I'm thinking that possibly if I find some calf sleeves (or socks) that are a level or two less compressive, I would love to run in them. And look at all the colors!!

I am also very intrigued by insoles. I am sure they would be a great help for my high arches/pronation. I had some molded at RoadRunner once, but again, they were pretty high-priced (around $80). I wasn't prepared to throw down that kind of money right then and there for insoles but I have kept it in mind. They felt really, really good. It was nice to feel the sole meet my high arch and offer support.

And now for some fun stuff!! I ran across an easy tutorial for tutu-making and it has gotten me all interested in a tutu! I have a sparkle skirt that I love but honestly it is getting worn out! I think I'd like to try a tutu, especially for the Disneyland Half in September. I have a running tank that I love in a pink pattern so I thought I could dress as one of my favorite princesses-Aurora.

There are also fun and easy ways to make these fabric crowns out of lace, modge podge and gold spray paint. Aren't they pretty?

To be continued...I have to get some stuff done today! Plus it's sunny out so I'm outta here!
The Continuance...(3/31)
Self-Tanning Cream: Let's face it, at this point in the year, my skin is pasty white and I get so sick of it! I do not believe in subjecting myself to voluntary skin cancer risk, so instead I slap on one coating of the self-tanning cream and I feel like a million bucks! Faux or not I don't care, it makes everything look smooth and tone and for some odd reason that in and of itself motivates me to get my workouts in! Weird? Maybe.

100% Whey by Muscle Milk in Chocolate: By pure happenstance my husband had purchased a bunch of this protein powder and not ended up using much of it. Since I don't like to waste "food", I have been using it to make my after-run chocolate shakes. I love it! I use crushed ice that I blend further, add milk and blend some more, then I add the powder and mix it all up. It really does taste like a chocolate milkshake and isn't too many calories (I think it comes to 140 calories for the mix and 170 calories for the fat free milk).

Love this Lulu skirt...but funny thing is that once you hit their website, the skirt is not available. Probably just not available yet.

"It's not sweat, it's pixie dust!" Shirt : This is too cute!

My foam roller: This baby will probably make my list more often than most other things. It saves my tendons and ligaments!

I will leave you with some Inspiration:

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