Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Five Miles Plus Fun Extras!!

Today's Workout: 5 Miles on the treadmill! Yay! The sun is gone today, well not gone but hiding behind a whole lot of clouds. It has been sprinkling too and with the kids home for spring break, the most pleasant option was to use the treadmill. I added some plyometrics and strength training which was actually fun! Here's how it went:

5 minute Warm-Up
10 Stairs (we have a set of 16)
25 Mountain Climbers
15 Heel Raises
25 High Knees
25 Butt Kicks
40 X-Jacks (jumping jacks, only your legs cross instead of just come together medially)

Ran 5 miles (collaberated my Nike+ today too which was way off! The pace shown in the picture is not quite correct, but I haven't figured out how to get either the treadmill or the Nike+ to callibrate correctly)

Ended with:

 40 classic crunches
10 push-ups
10 bicycle crunches (10 each side)
15 tricep dips

It felt great! I felt like I got a good all-over body workout. I am going to keep incorporating these moves into my workouts.

Last note:

I have noticed the last few weeks that I have a sort of natural "running personality". Everyone has a comfortable way that they complete a run. Sometimes a person has a tendency to start out fast, loose some steam and maybe finish strong. Some are really good at keeping a steady pace. Some have bouts of faster pushes mixed in with slower slogs. Others take regular walk breaks.

For me I have named my running personality the "Accelerator". It seems what works most naturally for me is to start out at about a 10:00 pace and I slowly accelerate throughout the run, the last mile or two almost always being my strongest. I know racing I start out faster and the whole run is a lot harder, but in normal, everyday runs I follow the "Accelerator" mode.

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