Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good News! It's Not A Fracture...Now What??

Ok so I got the results of my x-ray today and my left tib/fib are fine, everything is normal. So I guess what's been going on is a very weird case of shin splits. Good news is that I have a treatment plan now. Stretch, ice, stretch, ice. Wear compression socks to run in. Don't run on pavement. Patience. Gosh I am really becoming a high-maintenance runner...;)

In addition, I will not be running on direct pavement for a while. I'm going to be doing circles on the track, and then maybe running alongside sidewalks or trails. I love trails, I just hate how they always feel remote, which makes me feel like they are kind of unsafe without a partner. So maybe I can get a running buddy to hit the trails with me at least once a week.

So overall this is such a relief! It gives me hope that it isn't something that will keep me out of running for months or anything like that. I've had a setback, but it is extremely temporary.

Tomorrow I plan on suiting up and hitting the high school track for a trial run. I will warm-up and do all that on the track, then see if I can do a few laps. I really hope so. The Shamrock Run is in just over a week, and I'd really like to complete it this year. The last two years I missed it and I'd hate to add a third year to that. It would almost seem like a "cursed race". LOL

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