Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mental Endurance and 4 Miles

Where: Treadmill


What a weird last few weeks it has been. A lot of the time, running as been the very last thing on my priority list, other times it has been the one thing I want to do most but just can't get to. The weather has been all over the place, as has my schedule. Finals are next week so I've been dealing with a serious juggling act. Somehow I have managed to run in the evenings (my least favorite time of day to run) and on a treadmill at that (typically my least favorite place!) But nonetheless...I run. :)

I am enjoying the treadmill, I have to admit it. Today I ran without my compression socks and what do you know?? My calves didn't burn. Perhaps compression socks will be a recovery thing for me, at least the ones I have. Perhaps if I get some that compress just a little less, I can wear those while running. Or maybe the key is just to alternate days I wear them with days I do not.

Today I still had not gone out and bought new earbuds. See in the last few weeks I have gone through the three pairs that were laying around the house. The first pair just ended up lost and gone forever, and the last ones two different children managed to break on two separate occasions. *sigh* So I had no music, but that's ok. I still synced up my Nike+ and went for it. One benefit that I have learned is that it forces me to push myself mentally. With no distractions, I am forced to really pay attention to how my body is feeling, and to continually think good thoughts. I think it is a good practice because as you know, so much of running is mental.

I like this because it's so true whether you are on a beach somewhere or just on the treadmill in the garage :)

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