Friday, March 9, 2012

My Favorite Running Advice Right Now...

The article, Get in the Lean Lane (McDowell, April 2012) in Runner's World this month had some great tips! It mostly had a lot of great weight loss tips, but the tips that hit home with me were these:
"Run, Run, Run...Start by adding easy miles, no more than a 10 percent increase a week. If you run in the morning, go for another two-miler after work. Increasing the distance of your long runs should be your last priority, because they require more recovery."
***This is so true! I have been looking at this all backwards! The plans I have been using increase long runs only while keeping "every day" runs fairly slow. This just doesn't work for me because something cracks...whether it is shin splits, IT band issues, whatever. My body seriously starts to break down after 7-ish miles. I like the concept of adding mileage in the evening to increase longevity. I think it will really help me stay healthy as my body gets stronger and adapts to more mileage. Now whether I have time to realistically do this is another story...
"...Cross-Train If You Can't (run, run, run that is...): A stress fracture or a case of plantar fasciitis takes you off your feet, so be smart about your training. If you're a beginner or an injury-prone runner, don't run every day; instead, get in at least three days of cross-training a you don't bring on overuse injuries. "
***Love this! Again it totally applies to me! I hate to admit this because I don't want to label myself or whatever but I do tend to be injury-prone. And it always comes about without warning. So far my cross-training has been some weights and yoga, but I think by adding spin classes and/or elliptical I can help shake things up and work on my overall fitness and muscle strength. I know it helped me a lot while training for the Eugene Half Marathon in 2010. I was taking boot camp class and spin class each week.
"Exercise Today: Run or Cross-train? Boehmer offers up this easy quiz to gauge what to do today. Circle the number that best relates to your situation:
How hard was your run yesterday?
1) Easy
2) Average
3) Unusually hard or long: speedwork or longest run of the week
How are you feeling today?
1) Great
2) Not too bad
3) I hurt more than I'd like to admit
How many days in a row have you run?
If your score is 7 or higher, nonimpact cross-training-swimming, cycling, strength training- is a good call for a recovery day."
***I love this so much!! I have known the importance of cross-training but I love this little quiz for testing what is best on any given day.
Lastly she touches on lifting weights, and what exercises are best for working large muscle groups. She recommends "squats, lunges, bench presses, and tricep dips" and I bet I could add push-ups and sit ups, etc. I like it. Just a few key exercises that work large muscle groups.
Anyway, cool article, check it out! I enjoyed reading about the weight loss tips as well, and I plan on keeping them for close reference!
(Credit Runner's World, April 2012: "Get in the Lean Lane" by Dimity McDowell)

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