Monday, March 26, 2012

Sandy Beach Run

This morning I got up in a daze as usual (I'm just NOT a morning person) , dragged myself downstairs to make a cup of coffee and tried not to look outside at the dark, cloudy grossness which was our weather for today. What a bummer crappy weather always is to me! Here in Oregon, it seems sunshine is few and far between these days, at least in Winter/early Spring. :( My mood depends so much on the weather, and while I try not to let it, it just does.  It makes me so happy when it is sunny, and likewise, so bummed when it is crappy out!
That being said...God must have heard my inner grumblings because just as the sun really started to rise, so the clouds began to dissipate! Yay for sunshine!!!
Oh glorious blue sky!!
So instead of the treadmill workout I had planned, I suited up and put on my older running shoes to hit the beach. I have wanted to incorporate more of these workouts for a while now, but running on the beach isn't all that great unless it is at least sunny. Otherwise it is just miserable.
Four miles on the beach was pretty fun. It is ALWAYS wonderful getting out in the sunshine and the ocean is just beautiful. The headwind from miles 1-2.75 sucked the big one but the last mile was great, and I f-l-e-w down the beach :)

Pace Stats- notice the Red/Orange heading S then the nice Yellow/Green heading North!
Mileage Stats
 I jogged lightly for a cooldown on the way back and headed home. It really was a pretty day
Tillamook Head at Seaside Beach

Lastly, I have added push-ups, crunches/bicycles and tricep dips to my routine. I do them after my run/during cool-down phase.

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