Monday, January 7, 2013

The Bling

This is one reason I run...THE BLING!! I love my medals. They are representative of the blood, sweat, tears and time I have invested into every single race I have ran. I love them because they are shiny and beautiful, but I love them because they are EARNED. I have ran quite a few races but I just have 5, because in my experience medals are only given out for longer, tougher races, or if you were in the top 3 or something of a shorter race (which I have never been!).

I display my medals on the same shelf as everyone else displays their special things. It's not a special running-only shelf, it includes lots of things...from Caleb's cross country accomplishments, to Aaron's 1st place Halloween Costume ribbon. Samuel has one for participation that he was mad wasn't blue, red or white, but I hang it proudly because like all of the others, he EARNED it. :)

Our family display shelf

These are just mine. I have 5: Eugene Half '10, Princess Half '11, Warrior Dash '11, Rock n Roll Portland '12 and Disneyland '12. I hope to add a few this year!
Which one is my favorite? Well I couldn't choose! I love them all for different reasons. Eugene was my first half marathon, Warrior Dash was a super fun experience, The Princess Half I ran with Ben, the Rock n Roll was the inaugural running of that race, and the Disneyland Half was pure fun and joy!

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