Saturday, January 5, 2013

Simple Log

Style/Workout: 40 minutes, comfortable pace
Setting/Route: Holladay, SHS track
Mileage: 4.15 miles
My thoughts: I'm tired today. I drank a mixed drink last night and ate like crap. I haven't been drinking enough water. Plus this is about the time when I am working back into it that I hit a run where I slog along and just feel tired and worn out. My left ankle and knee were feeling it a bit and I'll be wearing my compression socks the rest of today and doing lots of stretching and rolling.

My app did something weird. The workout screen was not typical, and wasn't showing my time/duration so I couldn't gauge where I was supposed to be at what time, etc. I estimated that I would do 2 1/2 miles on the track then some street to and from and I knew that would be roughly 4 miles which was enough for the 40 minutes I needed to run today. So when I got to my "finish line" and still had 15 minutes left I was quite puzzled (6:15 pace? I don't think so). I was right on with my estimation for distance at least. I'm pretty sure I accidentally paused my workout time! Woops!

Progress: (running mileage this month/year total): 4.15 today/11.81 year-to-date

My last words...I wish the sun would shine. It's such a bummer :( Sorry I'm such a downer!
Not my town, but you get the feel...socked in and dark all day long!

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