Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting 2013 with 3!

I thought maybe for the new year, I would use a different template...

My thoughts:

Progress: (running mileage this month/year total)

I think this simplified version will be easy to follow, plus it gives me more flexibility to just chit chat about my run.

So today:

Style: Tempo Run
Setting: Treadmill
Mileage: 3 miles
My thoughts: This run went well! I started around 10:45 pace and slowly progressed until I was somewhere around 9:00 at the end. It was a really good start! It was cooooooold outside today with frost everywhere so I chose the treadmill solely for safety reasons! This run felt good, but felt a little weird. It was like I had "restless legs" the whole time which was a bit unsettling. But I just stuck with it mentally and made it through. I really need to make some signs to hang on the wall by my treadmill. Sayings like, "Don't Ever Quit" and "Make It Count" would help me a lot I think!

Progress: 3 miles/3 miles

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