Thursday, January 3, 2013

4 Miles of Sunrise Bliss

Now how could you not want to go for a run in this beautiful sunshine?

The river by our house

The beach near our house

This morning was my kids' first day back to school after the Christmas break. It was great for so many reasons.

First, after being lazy and sleeping in for weeks, it was actually great to get up early. I have never considered myself a "morning person" but I do enjoy getting a jump on the day (once I've had a cup of good coffee).

The second thing that was awesome was the pace of the morning. After the kids were on the bus, I was able to grab a bit of breakfast, do some dishes and get dressed, then I was out for my run at 7:50. I wanted to catch the sun as it was rising above the mountains in the horizon. As it rose, the morning evolved into something beautiful. It was lovely.

The third great thing was my run itself. Today's run felt relaxed and smooth. I have been pleasantly surprised actually, at how relatively easy it has been to start back running regularly. I don't claim to be in such great shape that I did not lose my endurance because I have. But I think I have gotten smarter about how to start most effectively (again, thank you Jeff Galloway).

Style/Workout: 40 minutes, Tempo run
Setting/Route: The Prom, The Cove
Mileage: 4.66 miles (longer than I thought!)
My thoughts: See above

Progress: (running mileage this month/year total): 4.66 today/7.66 year-to-date

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