Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Not-As-Long-As-I-Thought Run

Today was a long run! I went to my son's basketball games for the morning, dressed and ready for my run. Then while parked at the middle school, I started there and just ran through town. The weather was rainy and icky last night and this morning so I prepared to get wet. Thankfully I got a break in the weather throughout my run :)

Style/Workout: Long Run
Setting/Route: Outside...all over Seaside
Mileage: 8.86 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 8.86 today/58.02 this month/ 58.02 year-to-date (I'm really gunning for 60 miles this month!)

Like I said, the weather was great for the run. It was really wet out though and the sun reflecting off the ground was blinding at times. It was also slippery in places. But overall, it was great! Miles 2-3 were out at the Cove and the ocean was roaring! It really was an amazing sight.

I had my jacket on because I thought it could rain, but it ended up getting too hot so I had to tie it around my waist. Annoying! I ended up fixing my route so I could run past my house just to drop it off. The run went really smoothly until my phone died around 6+ miles. Right around that point, I got a bit of a side stitch that was stabbing! But it was manageable and I finished the last part of my route. The last 2 miles were tough, I'll admit but I had to finish all the way to the end because I had to get to my car so I could drive it home. I was a bit disappointed once I got home too, because I thought I had ran closer to 10 miles, but I topped out at 8.86. That's what you get when your phone dies and you estimate! Oh well, it is still a longer run than last week's long run and that's what counts! My body certainly wasn't as rocked as it was last week either which is good.

When I got home I took an awesome shower (isn't it funny how GREAT post-long run showers feel?) and realized I needed to clip my toenails. Don't be grossed out, if you don't keep your toenails clipped somewhat short, you might loose them ;) I also wore my compression socks today.

So there ya go! Long run-done! Once my phone was charged again, I stopped my app and Tim Tebow still congratulated me even though I "had not met" my goal. He said something about "maybe letting me hold his Heisman"...such a hunk!

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