Monday, January 7, 2013

Personal Running Trainer App

Here is what my training plan app looks like:
I like its simplicity. It is easy to use. I know there are fancier apps out there and lots of training plans you can choose from. This one doesn't change much from workout to workout. So far you get the prompt to start a warm-up walk, a prompt when it's time to run, then a halfway mark, then the voice telling you you have completed your run, and then a 5 minute cool down. Then you see this:

I'm curious if as the runs get longer, there might be a few more prompts than simply being halfway. I would really appreciate if I heard quarters or something when I am running for hours on end.

You are also given a brief description of how you are supposed to run your workout (tempo= start slow and gradually increase your pace up til the end). The app does not track your pace or your route via GPS or anything like that :( I miss that from my Nike+GPS app.

That being said, the app isn't super exciting. But I'm going to stick it out because I purchased it, already know the schedule and have it all mapped out. I will just have to keep things fresh with my music playlist. Next time I can try a different one.

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