Friday, January 25, 2013

42 Minute Interval Run

Today was intervals. Originally it was on the schedule for yesterday (or the day before) and today was my long run day. But because my week has fallen apart and been insanely stressful, it did not work out to get a run in until today (which is unnerving!) So instead of banging out a long run, I did my interval work-out instead, because tomorrow is going to be a really great long run day. And since my weekend should be a bit more low-key (just tons of studying and a few basketball games), I should be able to get some sort of work-out in every day, either running or cross-training (my hubby went and got my bike fixed without telling me-yay!)

Style/Workout: 42 minute interval run
Setting/Route: My treadmill-intervals work super easy on the 'mill
Mileage: 4.46 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 4.46 today/49.16 this month/ 49.16 year-to-date (I'm really gunning for 60 miles this month!)



Grand Total:...4.46 miles today! :)

This run felt so awesome! I am thinking I could have run it a bit harder next interval run I am thinking I will start at 8:20 and work my intervals up from there. I feel like I am ready! Man it just felt so awesome to run! I have had so many crazy stresses this week between nursing school, our son and his special needs' challenges (he's being evaluated for autism), all of my kids' extra-curricular activities and their schedules...I was sick earlier in the week and my oldest son turned 13! :_( It has just been "one of those weeks". Thank God for running, it sure gives me a place to let off all of that stress! 

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