Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking It Easy

So I have not blogged in a few days for a reason! No I have not lost my motivation, no I am not hurt, but YES, I got sick! I got the flu and was out for the count all day Friday and a lot of Saturday. By Sunday (yesterday) I was up and at 'em again, but I'm taking it slow because I can tell my head is still a bit froggy and having an illness really beats your body up internally. So I want to make sure I am able to get my CBC w/WBC differential (that's the nursing student in me talking) counts up before I go nuts. Part of me feels bad that I went on that awesome long run when it was so cold and I wonder if I left my body susceptible to illness. Well you can't play that game. When to run or not to run, it is always best in my opinion, to run. So I will run tomorrow, but on the treadmill so I am inside.

*And just for schedule's sake, I only missed one run workout

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