Friday, January 11, 2013

Longest Yet...with Sunsplashed Goodness

Obligatory "Great Weather" photo...the ocean was roaring!

Frosty Beach!
Today was my first "long run" so far this year/training plan. It felt great! I kept it smooth and relaxed, with a great rhythm and I didn't go too fast. The first mile felt-dare I say it-effortless. I really enjoy a chilly run as it turns out. My body stays cool and it just feels so refreshing. I used to hate any runs under 50 degrees because the cold would feel like it was burning my throat. Somewhere in there, that stopped happening to me. Perhaps it is being acclimatized to regular, colder weather.

The danger with an icy run is of course, the ice! I am sure I slowed my pace often in an effort to be super vigilant of the slippery ground. And there were a few times that I had no choice but to slip my way up a hill or whatnot, which is like taking two steps forward, one step back. LOL!

Style/Workout: ~60 minute long run/5.66 miles
Setting/Route: Prom/Cove Neighborhoods and Downtown
Mileage: 5.66 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 5.66 today/26.07 this month/ 26.07 year-to-date

Today has just been a great day. I woke up early because I had a clinical scheduled that I needed to drive to once I got everyone ready for the day and out of the house. At 7am I got a text from my concerned instructor that there was a lot of ice on the roads and today's clinical was to be rescheduled for Monday. At first I was exasperated because I had got up early and I was all ready to go. I even packed a "running bag" today just in case we got out early and I could sneak my run in on the way home. But then I stopped and noticed the horizon of the mountains out my front window and I smiled. It's going to be sunny and I'm going for a run... :)

I have just been working so insanely hard this week. I found out yesterday that I lost who has essentially become my nursing school friend who I carpool and do projects with, text random stuff to and who I have gotten to know quite well since school started. I'm sad about it. Today was going to be our first clinical day without her. This impromptu day off instead was exactly what I needed.

A good morning to myself has been so refreshing! I went for this long run, made my favorite chocolate protein smoothie, took a nice hot shower, did some stretching and rolling and now I'm dressed and fully  ready to study (can't take the whole day off!). If I had my way, I would head to the chiropractor, then go get a pedicure. But alas, there will be other days. I am just thankful for what I have been able to do today!

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