Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 5 Marathon Training

The plan for this week!

Monday: 3 miles (before A&P exam)
Tuesday: 5 miles (after A&P lab)
Wednesday: 3 miles plus weights
Thursday: Yoga I have to skip this week. I have to go to Portland for a Dr. Appt
Friday: Long Run-10 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Cross-train. I would really love to swim or bike perhaps. Maybe I will take today to do the yoga I missed.

I have been resting most weekends. With our family's schedule, I usually can't get out for a run. Thank goodness my weekday schedule is different! This week because I have a Dr appt on Thursday, I will just consider it a rest day instead. I have read that a rest day before and after a long run is very beneficial anyway.

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