Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nutrition Update for February

For my PE class (and for my own benefit), I felt it was time for an update on how I am doing nutrition-wise:

Recap/progress of Nutrition Goals

1) Cut back to only 2 cups of coffee per day: I feel like I have successfully done this!
The benefits have been that instead of coffee I am drinking more water [see #2], and also thanks to less coffee, I don't have to deal with the caffeine high/crash that I was dealing with from time to time because of too much.

2) Drink more water: I have definitely been successful with this. I honestly have not had to give this much conscious thought because the more I run, the more I thirst. So I have been drinking anywhere between 48-64 oz of water a day easy. I have also noticed how hydrated I am makes a huge difference on the "heaviness" in my legs the next day. 

3) Substitute more veggie munchies for carb munchies: I have not been monitoring this much so I really don't know. I can say we haven't had much carb munchies in the house. I'm sure I have not been doing as great with this goal however.

4) Eat a more balanced number of calories throughout the day so that I do not overeat due to feeling "starved" by nighttime: This is going really well. Just having my routine set helps. I bring a lunch to school that is filled with a lot of healthy snacks so it is easy to grab something while studying. So while I don't really sit and eat a focused lunch, I do eat throughout the school-day and I am not super hungry once I walk through the door in the evening.

Nutrition Log:


1 cup of coffee
-half and half
-1 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup whole oatmeal
1/4 cup (canned) peaches
1/4 cup craisins
2 T. milk
1 pint chocolate milk (post-run)
32 oz water (drinking all day, just up to this point)
1/2 pb sandwich on ww bread
1/2 apple (threw away the rest because it was kind of gross)
1 pineapple greek yogurt
1 cup whole grain baked chips
1 cup baby carrots
More Water

I have to admit that once I got home, I totally lost track. I know that when I got home I made a cup of coffee and for dinner we had a great pork roast that I had thrown in the crockpot, and I guess I didn't really eat any sides. I had a glass of apple juice with it. Then I snacked it up later with a bowl of chocolate cheerios, some strawberries and a cup of key lime pie yogurt-yum!. Maybe I would not have snacked as much but I completely forgot I was trying to keep track of a healthy eating day.

I can recognize that lately I have really craved chocolate, but I haven't bought many snacks or sweets in a while. But I think for the sake of my sanity I need to buy a few high-quality dark chocolate bars and have pineapple greek yogurt and key lime pie yogurt available as sweet treats. All satisfy my sweet tooth cravings in a sensible way.

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