Friday, February 3, 2012

My Best Run Yet...and the Sun is Shining!

Woohoo!! I had the best run today, and the sun is out, it's a beautiful day! You really can't get much better, except the kids are out of school (although I am not), and my wonderful hubby took them all on a Guys Day of Fun! Can you tell through the computer that I am smiling? :-)

Run: 6.67 miles
Location: The Prom Out-and-Back plus "lollipop" on each end
Time: 8:30 am
Temperature: 54 degrees
Weather: Absolutely gorgeous weather!


The weather was absolutely perfect today. Temperature was great, there was a light gust every now and then, and Mr. Sun was shining in all his glory!! It was the first day in a long time that I was sure to slather on sunblock, and I got to leave behind my gloves and headband. I probably should have worn a hat but I didn't. I wanted to feel the sun on my face. I have missed it so much!

Today I synced up my Nike +  to give it a whirl. I love it! I love how during the run, all you have to do is push a button and you get your progress (time, mileage, splits). I also love that it ties in your own playlist right into your run. It's great!

Nike + stats:
6.67 miles, 52:23, 7:51 splits

One thing I have meant to mention is that I'm still in the training zone where my runs pretty much suck for the first 2 miles/give or take 20 minutes. I think physiologically it is because at first your body wants to work anaerobically and then your aerobic respiration system kicks in. Whatever the reason, it stinks, and I really have to push through. For about the same amount of time, my shins were pretty hot but they also chilled out into the run. I have been thinking about buying compression socks/sleeves for my lower legs to see if I like them, to see if it helps. I'm loving my new shoes though, they are great! My left lower leg tends to be problematic, whether my calf is tight, shins keep burning or my ankle is twinging. I don't know what it is, because last year my left IT Band was a disaster too. My poor left leg. I baby it as much as I can though, because I don't want to find myself in an official injury.

That last paragraph was really just details, because as you can see by my stats, I did not let it slow me down! I totally amazed myself today! 6.67 is the longest I have run thus far, and further than I had planned. Mapmyrun had my route at barely 6 miles, where the actual route was quite longer. Today I finally hit my "sweet spot" and my pace was awesome! I settled in and just kept going. I felt strong, fast and confident! It was so great! I was really surprised. I felt like I was going much slower, but when I checked my progress, it said my pace was 8:15-ish and it really gave me the confidence that I needed to keep pushing. By the last mile or so, I just left it all out there and even sprinted toward the (invisible) finish line. 7:51 minute-mile splits! Nike + even had my fastest mile at 7:28. Wow!  I am so pleased because honestly I'm not sure I believed I could really accomplish that!

It just goes to show you...don't short-change yourself on your goals! Reach for the stars, at at the very least, you will find yourself on top of the world ;)

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