Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Tuesday

*I just couldn't think of a fun title...

Run: 4.5 miles
Location: Irving St-Hills
Run Time (if applicable): Did not time myself
Run Start: 8:05 am
Temperature: 45 degrees
Weather: Heavy Drizzle


I hated taking a 4-day weekend off of running. Man, a great run makes all the difference in the world! It has been dreary and icky lately, with very little sun. I have been feeling some S.A.D. I think and going for runs sure helps! We spent the weekend doing a lot of to-do's and broke in the trailer for our first camping trip. It was fun :) But then we got home, the house was trashed, I had homework to do and I just felt icky. Not to mention I tweaked my neck (like I mentioned) and that made me feel icky too. I am not really myself when I do not run.

So that being said, this run felt great! The hills were challenging as always, and I gave myself some "catch your breath" breaks. I would say, "10 deep breaths then get going" and it worked. I got rained on but with a jacket on it wasn't so bad. I have really found that tightly securing my hair back in two french braids makes a huge difference too! Maybe I won't have to cut my hair after all.

Once I got back, I celebrated with a pint of ice-cold chocolate milk. My favorite.

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