Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Soggy Almost-Six

Run: 5.96 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk, West end
Run Time (if applicable): 50:25, 8:27 splits
Run Start: 8:05 am
Temperature: 50-ish degrees
Weather: cloudy, then dumping rain...


Coming off today's run was tough. I made the mistake of assuming my run would turn out like my others have. Although the forecast called for rain, often when this is the case, I can get out and get my run in before the rains come. Today was not that sort of day...

The run started off pretty good though. I warmed up prior like I always do. In fact I really enjoy my warm-ups, and the gentle "waking up" my joints receive from it. I was warm and the temperature wasn't freezing so I left my Eddie Bauer shell behind. Big mistake. The first 2 miles were relatively easy. My shins and calves felt great, no burning. I didn't necessarily feel strong and I noticed that maybe my breakfast had not been enough fuel (coffee, toast w/butter, egg and 1/2 banana-should have been enough!)

 Then around mile 2.5 it started pouring down rain. I kept telling myself I was tough and that not everyone would get out there and run in the rain. I thought about my upcoming 5K on Saturday and tried to "feel out" the 5K of it and see how I might feel on Saturday when I run that distance full-out.  My soaked shirt stuck to me and my hat dripped as Rhianna's "We Found a Love" blasted in my earphones. Around mile 4 I started to feel colder, and miserable. Thankfully a really sweet homeless guy raised his beer to me and yelled something along the lines of "Good job!!" That was actually a highlight believe it or not.

I started to get where I wanted to quit because I was cold, wet and miserable...and mad at myself for not bringing my coat, which would have been a huge help. But when I start to feel like it is hard and I want to quit, I always tell myself, "Just keep running and get it over quicker." I also thought about the physiological danger of walking the remaining miles in the cold and wet. I needed to get to a warm shower a.s.a.p.!

After what was about Mile 5, the rain let up and I ran up 16th street and finished. By then my arms were starting to feel pseudo-numb. I grabbed my stuff out of my car and headed straight for the locker room and a hot shower. I started to worry that my temperature may have been a little dangerously low...but thanks to taking A&P, I worry about these things more often than I used to...

I drank my chocolate protein shake, guzzled 23 fl oz of water, showered and started to feel a bit more normal. I should have done a couple of cool-down laps and I know that. I was feeling urgent about the shower today though.  It's 4 hours later and I'm feeling it a bit. I'm more tired than I usually am after this sort of run. My neck is killing me because 3 nights ago I slept on it wrong and it still doesn't feel better. We really need a new bed.

The rain really took a toll. I am so mad at myself that I left my coat behind...I know better.

Last but not least, and on a positive note...I underestimated the mileage of this run like the others! Instead of being a 5.3-miler, it was a 5.96-miler.

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