Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feelin' the Flo

Run: 1.5 miles
Location: Irving St.
Run Time (if applicable): N/A
Run Start: 8:05 am
Temperature: 34 degrees
Weather: very cold and foggy.


This was supposed to be a 4.5-miler but for some reason I couldn't get out of the "funk" I was in and find a groove. I decided to cut it short and call it a day. I had a stressful morning (as most of mine are-getting 3 kids out the door plus myself, plus all of my school stuff, gym stuff and any other random thing I have to remember...) but usually as soon as I drop Aaron off at school it turns around and I feel upbeat and ready to run. Not I was in a black cloud of funk. I figured I would just power through. For the most part my warm-up was good...and the run wasn't terrible necessarily. I just felt weak, and couldn't get it together. Then I realized what it was...

Ol' Aunt Flo had arrived. I have been blessed the last 5 years, not having to deal with Aunt Flo thanks to my Mirena IUD. But the time had finally come and Mirena had expired and it has been time to try something new, hoping it will help clear my adult acne. Long story short, I now have to deal with Aunt Flo, and I was not prepared for how it sucked my energy, my pep, just all of it. My day went better as I progressed through my classes and studying but as soon as I got around my family again (dirty house, needy kids, etc), the b**** in me sort of started to rear her head. Seven-thirty rolled around and I could barely keep my head up/eyes open.

I hope every month isn't going to be like this. I guess it is going to be something I will have to learn to deal with. I'm sure some sort of meds will help. Meds, good hydration, iron supplements.

I hope to make up today's mileage through Thursday and Friday through "easy" 3-milers. I guess we'll see tomorrow!

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